New School Year, Old Trends

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SAN DIEGO – From a Flock of Seagulls to Dynasty, from parachute pants to big hair, the decade we know as the 80’s was big and bold and not necessarily in a good way.  I know, I grew up in the 80’s donning Madonna-esque accessories, neon bobby socks with white high top Reeboks and hair so big, it circled my head like a solar system.

GuFASHINISTASess what?  The 80’s are back.   At least that’s what the fasion trends say and local stylist of  StyleYourLifeBlog  Jennifer Rosson.  And she should know, she’s been tapped to work with  “What not to Wear” host and style guru herself Stacey London.  Jennifer says you’ll see neon, faux leather, sparkle, spikes and tons of accessories for back to school looks this year.  Looks that will definitely ring a bell if  you lived through the 80’s.

The major trends hitting school campuses include a “SoCal” look, “Preppy” style (linking us directly back to the smell of that potent Polo Cologne that was so popular back in the day), and very “Glam” touches on girls, from sparkles and glitter, to animal prints and faux fur.  An “Urban Trend” will feature faux leathers and spikes adorning everything from tennis shoes to t-shirts. You’ll also see the more daring girls “Mixing Prints”, though Jennifer says there’s a right way to do it.  (Find a common element like color and mix those patterns.  On our model, she used black and white.)   Overall, just like the 80’s itself it’s all about:  “the more the better”.

The good news, you don’t have to spend a fortune.  All the looks featured in my latest Anchormom report are from Target, Gap Kids and H & M.   All the clothes seen in the “SoCal” look are from Gap Kids, the shoes are from Shaun White’s fashion line at Target.  The Preppy look is easily put together thanks to Gap Kids, the red vans again can be purchased at Target.  The Glam look is from Target head to toe, and the “Mixing Prints” look was all from H & M, with the exception of the black leather high tops that you can find at Target.

The practical accessories for school like lunchboxes and backpacks were also found at Target.  Some of the backpacks came with ear buds which is something extra cool for the bigger kids.  The whimsical pencil holders shaped like monsters or flip flops are from Target as is the R2D2 lunchbox.   The hair chalk is also from Target.

I don’t think any of us really wants to go back to 80’s for all kinds of reasons, i.e. the mullet, jelly shoes, shoulder pads and legwarmers.  But, somehow the fashion gods seemed to have gleaned what was best about them: bold, fresh, happy colors and prints.  After all, shouldn’t our best and brightest being wearing clothes that make the same statement?

Here’s to another year of number two pencils and ipad education.  It’s a funny world of the past and present these days.  Put those thinking caps on … and something fun on too!