HR experts weigh in on Filner scandal

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SAN DIEGO– It’s no surprise the Mayor’s sex scandal has created a Human Resources nightmare for the city and local HR experts say the situation in City Hall is similar to a corporate merger or a major restructuring.

When the future of management is unclear and key leaders leave an organization, it is easy for employees to lose productivity if they don’t get the right coaching.

“It can be fun to be out there in the rumor mill, but that’s not productive personally and it’s certainly not productive for San Diego and for the citizens,” Laura Hauser with Leadership Strategies International said.

Hauser specializes in leadership training, like professional coaching for teams and individuals.

She says good coaching is something San Diego city employees may need now more than ever.

The call for mayor FilnHR experts weigh in on Filner scandaler’s resignation is getting louder and with the boss’ future in limbo, panic can spread if the right steps aren’t taken.

“Get people together, what’s going on, how is it impacting them? Give them a voice and then from there move on to, ‘so what do we need to do next? What can we do to provide the best service?’” Hauser said.

Hauser spent Wednesday sharing her expertise with the San Diego Society for Human Resource
Management during a workshop at the Double Tree Hotel in Mission Valley.

The HR specialists say getting mid-level managers on the same page and setting specific goals are good ways to keep City Hall from stalling out.

They say regular check-in’s to monitor progress are also a good idea.

“Each individual has to resume responsibility for themselves and their employees,” San Diego Society for Human Resource Management President Nina Woodard said.

“[They have to] be willing to step out in front and take a leadership role and fill the gap that exists right now and might be coming from the top.”


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