Recall signatures could be collected by Friday

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SAN DIEGO — The effort to recall San Diego Mayor Bob Filner from office seems to be going well, so well, sources within the campaign told Fox 5 they believe they could potentially get all the signatures they need by the end of the week.Screen Shot 2013-08-20 at 9.25.37 PM

“Some people feel that can happen,” said Recall leader, Michael Pallamary as he delivered petitions to a barbershop on Imperial Avenue.

“If that was me who’ve been accused, I’d be fired,” said Mario Lewis, owner of Imperial Barbershop and one of dozens of businessmen and women who are making recall Filner petitions available to customers.

“I came in to sign and to get a haircut,” said Samuel Jackson, one of Lewis’ clients.

Pallamary says its all part of a grassroots effort, a strategy to gather the 101,597 signatures the campaign needs to potentially force the Mayor out of office.

Members of the campaign tell Fox 5 more than 2 thousand people have signed up to be volunteer signature gatherers, which has saved them from having to hire people to do the job.

Sources also tell Fox 5 the campaign is estimating it could surpass the number of needed signatures by the weekend.

For that to happen each volunteer would have to gather between 50 and 100 signatures.

When it comes to money, the campaign has raised at least $100,000 which Pallamary says may be used for ads or signature validation services.

The campaign expects only 70 percent of the total signatures to be valid which is why it will actually have to collect many more signatures than the ones required.


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