Filner’s saga shows no sign of going away

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SAN DIEGO — At the news conference that launched the sexual harassment drama involving Mayor Bob Filner, a former supporter demanded that he resign, then added that the next chapter was up to Filner.

1499685_ME_0818_filner_07_DPBFive turbulent weeks later, the same is true.

The scandal shows no signs of letting up despite demands by all nine City Council members that Filner step down.

The 70-year-old Democrat has given no indication that he plans to quit — despite an avalanche of negative media coverage, numerous calls by political and business leaders that he resign and accusations by 16 women that he had made unwelcome sexual advances.

“Bob is stubborn, and he likes to fight,” said political consultant Chris Crotty, who thinks the issue will drag on for some time.

Just when Filner will return at City Hall is unknown.

When he announced that he was entering a residential treatment facility for two weeks of therapy, he said he would return Aug. 19, ready to be “the best mayor I can be,” but aides last week said they were not sure if that was still his plan.

Though Filner could be forced out by recall or a criminal conviction, it is far from certain that either will occur, and each would take months to pursue.

The City Charter contains no provision for impeachment, although City Atty. Jan Goldsmith said that the council could consider invoking an obscure section of the charter calling for removal of anyone found misusing public money. Another option, he said, would be seeking a restraining order barring the mayor from City Hall, another legally untested strategy.


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