Gloria Allred: There are more ‘Filner victims’

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SAN DIEGO – Lawyer Gloria Allred told Fox5 Monday that she is representing more women in a lawsuit accusing Mayor Bob Filner of sexual harassment.

In an interview, Allred confirmed she is representing more women in the Filner lawsuit, but they have not come forward publicly.  She didn’t disclose any other details about the other women.

Allred has brought three women forward to the media explaining various unwanted sexual advances by San Diego Mayor Bob Filner since he took office.

Allred hosted a news conference Thursday to introduce the latest woman to accuse Filner of sexual harassment.

The latest woman to come forward, Peggy Shannon, said the mayor repeatedly asked her out and one time grabbed her and kissed her on the lips. Shannon said Filner walked by her after the first sexual harassment allegations were lodged and put his finger to his lips.

Allred said Shannon, a 67-year great-grandmother who works part time serving seniors in the lobby of the City Administration Building, will decide whether to file a lawsuit when a city investigation is completed.

Irene McCormack Jackson, Filner’s former communications director, was the first identified victim to come forward with allegations against the mayor.  He allegedly put her in a “Filner headlock” and asked her not to wear panties at work.

Michelle Tyler, a licensed vocational nurse, came forward with Allred by her side and told reporters that Filner said he would help the Marine, but he wanted Tyler to spend time with him.

According to Allred, during the meeting in Filner’s office, Tyler and the former Marine, Katherine Ragazzino, wanted him to help resolve a status dispute Ragazzino was having with the Veterans Administration, Allred said.  After the meeting, Filner asked everyone but Tyler to leave his office, then proceeded to ask her out on a date and requested to kiss her, Allred said.

Filner has apologized for his conduct with women but contends his actions don’t rise to the level of sexual harassment.


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