Ex-mayor tells Filner to resign

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SAN DIEGO — A former mayor of San Diego who resigned amid a corruption scandal urged current Mayor Bob Filner to step down Monday in an open letter published the newspaper.

“Dear Bob, the time has come for you to resign as mayor of San Diego,” wrote Roger Hedgecock, who left office in 1985 after he was found guilty of campaign finance violations. His convictions were later overturned on appeal.

filner-web“You have lost something that cannot be regained,” Hedgecock wrote. “You have lost the bond of trust that must exist between at least a majority of San Diego city voters and the mayor. I lost that trust and I resigned.”

Hedgecock later became a radio talk show host and now pens a regular newspaper column.

You can feel when the trust is broken with a city, he wrote.

The city of San Diego will experience “many months of paralysis” if Filner tries to stay in his job, according to Hedgecock.

“I had to make a call to resign in the best interests of the city,” Hedgecock wrote in the U-T San Diego. “Bob, you must make that same call now.”

Filner would become the third mayor of San Diego to resign in recent times if he heeds Hedgecock’s advice. Dick Murphy stepped down in 2005 amid the city’s rising financial problems.


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