Website rates San Diego’s pizza best in US

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SAN DIEGO — Some may disagree, but users rate San Diego as the top spot in the United States for pizza, according to a survey released by the website.

Tripadvisor said it based its pizza ranking on reviews and opinions from travelers, and San Diego had the highest average rating for all restaurants that serve pizza.

San Diego has more than 100 pizzerias, according to the website, which touted Bronx, Filippi’s and Pizzeria Luigi in Golden Hill, where it said the “mouthwatering toppings include sun-dried tomatoes, roasted red peppers and homemade meatballs.”

San Diego, better known for its climate, zoo and craft beer, beat out Las Vegas, which came in second, with Boston third and New York City fourth.

The only other California city on the list was San Francisco, which ranked seventh.


  • Eric

    I live in San Diego, and I grew up on the east coast. SD's pizza blows! This is the most ridiculous thing that I've ever heard. Just goes to show you how stupid people can be. I'm forced to eat Papa John's because the rest of the pizza is so terrible.

    • Michael

      Really, Papa John's is better than any of the options presented? I'll concur with Bronx but Fillipi's is great and Luigi's ins't that bad with lots of varieties. All those tourists can't be wrong… LOL

      • Jerry

        Yes they can. The Pizza Here BLOWS. If Papa Johns is the best (and it's not) that says a lot.

        Bronx Pizza is very good. Filippi's is just OK. It's the water and 100% real cheese (not that part skim crap) that makes all the difference. How can you have a city with the WORST water have the best pizza? Think about it…..

  • Michael

    I would have never thought we'd get a national ranking for pizza but Fillipi's is the bomb. Luigi's and that dine in beer special, Mtn. Mike's is fairly decent if you're in that part of town.

  • brian venezia

    im from jersey i know pizza!!! the bronx pizza is the best hands down!!!thin crust sauce,and dough like back east!!!!

  • buc

    totally agree with the survey…san diego has a great variety of quality pizza shops…yes, the bronx, fillipi's, and even papa johns are great…sammy's woodfire, pizza port and so many others offer tourists and locals alike a great variety and selection that is tops in the country…good job trip advisor…

  • Ace

    This survey is just stupid! Really, am I to believe that some mexican can make better pizza than anyone on the East Coast? RIDICULOUS!!!

  • Bobby D

    East coast Pizza is usually thin crust with skimpy toppings. When you go to Italy, Pizza is like a meal. thicker crust with ample toppings, like Filippi's Pizza/ I've had Bronx it's ok, have not been to Luigi's, but my father Roberto, liked it. There is a reason why Filippi's ( India St) seats 200 people and always has 100 people standing in line waiting to get in.. Nuff said!!

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