Doctor: Filner may have sociopathic characteristics

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SAN DIEGO – A local psychologist said she believes San Diego Mayor Bob Filner is showing sociopathic characteristics.

As Filner is expected to enter a behavioral facility for two weeks of treatment many San Diegans continue to call for his resignation. Still, the mayor refuses to resign.

La Jolla psychologist  Dr. Sage Breslin does not know the mayor personally, but she has watched as Filner has responded to charges that he sexually harassed a number of prominent professional women, and she has responded to the growing number of calls for him to step down.

“Shame would’ve driven him to resign immediately,” said La Jolla psychologist Dr. Sage Breslin.“I certainly think his bravado indicates he doesn’t have empathy or compassion.”

She focused on Filner’s apology and called it insincere.

“He was smiling when he said, ‘I apologize for any women I offended.’ That word stuck to me.  It’s assaulting them,” Breslin said.

Breslin followed President Bill Clinton’s sex scandal and watched as he chose not to resign.

“Unlike Mayor Filner, when the light was shown on Clinton’s behavior, he was mortified. He was sick with remorse, guilt and shame,” she added.

Clinton worked hard, she added, to change his behavior and took it seriously.  Recent polls show many people don’t believe Filner will take therapy seriously.

“I’m not sure what kind of program would provide anything in two weeks except to sit him down for some psycho education,” Dr. Breslin said.


  • David M

    Yes! You can tell a slow news day when we get reports of head doctors performing diagnoses on patients they've never met. Maybe "Dr." Breslin is an amateur historian too, because she is rewriting President Clinton's sexual scandal in addition to her unqualified clinical opinions. When "light was shown"6 on Clinton's behavior he "did not have sexual relations with that woman." It was only after he knew they had proof he lied that he said his statement was wrong. He never apologized for the conduct which, as we learned in the Senate, was "just about sex" and not enough to remove him from office.

    I wish our news organizations would find NEWS instead of trying to make it with unqualified opinion.

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