Filner is hurting business and must go, Sanders says

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SAN DIEGO — Former Mayor Jerry Sanders, now president and chief executive of the San Diego Chamber of Commerce, is calling for Filner to leave because the controversy is leading to fear and stagnation at City Hall and reluctance among business owners to expand and create jobs.

“I don’t care if he resigns or is recalled, he just has to go,” said Sanders, a Republican and former police chief who served six years as mayor from 2006 to 2012 and was termed out.

Thmayor-jerry-sanderse Business Leadership Alliance has scheduled an emergency meeting for Thursday afternoon to decide whether to call for the 70-year-old Democrat’s resignation. The Business Leadership Alliance includes directors of regional chambers of commerce, officials of economic development groups, and also business owners.

Sanders said that business leaders have been reluctant to get involved because it would look like an effort to remove a mayor that they do not like. But things have reached a breaking point, Sanders said in a round of media interviews.

Sanders said that business is “paralyzed” because of uncertainty. He noted that in at least three high-profile cases, one involving construction of a new Jack ‘n the Box restraurant, Filner has used his mayoral authority to withdraw city permission to build.