Resignation before therapy say city leaders

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Reaction to Mayor Bob Filner’s announcement to seek therapy while remaining in office was immediate.  If the apology and admission were meant to illicit sympathy it seems to have had reverse effect.  City leaders responded almost immediately

issuing even stronger demands for the mayors resignation and those who had previously stayed quiet now joining the call for him to step down.

“If he wanted to demonstration that he is serious,” said Laura Fink, the second woman to come out and publicly make allegations of sexual harassment against Filner, “ he’s going to need to dedicate more than two weeks and be willing to sacrifice his power – which is what he’s abused over the years.”

“I thought it was a stunt,” said Council member Scott Sherman, “ it felt like a reality TV moment. Just a guy trying to cling to power any way he can.”

Sherman, holding nothing back, said he found this second apology calculated and contrived and an embarrassment to San Diego.

“I think he’s just sorry he got caught,” said, Sherman, adding “if he’s really going to deal with his demons he need to do that on his own and let the city gFilner Announces Rehabet back to taking care of business and quite embarrassing us on a national scale.”

Immediately following the Mayor’s announcement, council Members Lori Zapf, Kevin Faulconer, Mark Kersey and council President Todd Gloria issued statements, again, calling on the mayors’ resignation.  Gloria wrote, the mayors decision will only prolong the city’s pain, adding “the mayor has finally acknowledged his very serious disorder, which prevents his ability to govern and seriously affects his ability to interact with people.”

Late Friday Council member Sherrie Lightener, one of three holdouts for due process,  issued a statement, saying she too had asked for the Mayors resignation.

But council member Scott Sherman, had much stronger words, “the people of San Diego should settle for nothing short of resignation or arrest – one of the two.” And that says Laura Fink, who worked for Filner for two years may be the only way to get him out of office, “Bob Filner is one the most stubborn men I ever met , I don’t see  him letting go of his hold any time soon.”


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