Gloria Allred to file harassment suit against Filner

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SAN DIEGO — Attorney Gloria Allred will hold a news conference Monday with a client who alleges that San Diego Mayor Bob Filner sexually harassed her.

GloriaAllredAllred is expected to announce that her client, a San Diego city employee, will file a lawsuit against the mayor and the city.

Allred said her client will reveal her identity and describe the alleged harassment at a news conference at 12:30 p.m. The news conference will be broadcast live on Fox 5 and

Two constituents and a city of San Diego employee have anonymously accused the mayor of various forms of sexual harassment, including forced kissing and groping, according to  former Councilwoman Donna Frye and lawyers Cory Briggs and Marco Gonzalez.

Filner initially apologized and acknowledged he had a problem, but later demanded an investigation and his due process rights. The mayor’s supporters contend that none of the women have spoken publicly or filed a complaint.

Allred said she planned to file a lawsuit against Filner and the city of San Diego.

Meanwhile, City Council President Todd Gloria and Councilman Kevin Faulconer plan to hold a news conference at noon at City Hall to discuss the state of the city, given instability in the mayor’s office.

Several of Filner’s top staffers have resigned recently. Walt Ekard, a well-regarded former county of San Diego chief administrative officer, took over as the city’s chief operating officer on an interim basis last week.


      • PQConstituent

        Last time I checked… Weiner and Spitzer both resigned. If you have a point, it's lost in this fact. Bob is using his selfish 'due process' argument to avoid resignation… he's going to lose.

        • Jerry Sprunger

          Have you ever been harassed at a job? I have, and guess what, I survived it and it made me stronger, wiser, and better. I didn't cater to my THIN SKIN and cry for sympathy and revenge. Running around crying boner is weak. Grow a backbone and get over it like I did.
          I'm sure I'll get attacked at work and in life in the future and I welcome it, it makes me stronger unlike yourself who will run for help because you have no grit and the attributes that once made Americans great. You better go to your desk and get a kleenex to wipe your tears and snot..

          • PQConstituent

            No, Jerry… it's called THE LAW. If you break it, you have to deal with the consequences. Bob has systematically proven that he feels he is above the law. It has finally caught up with him.

          • Jiffy Sprungdog

            You only talk about this case and nothing else. You're like a broken record. Jerry bad click Jerry bad click Jerry bad click. You and your handlers crack me up. xD

          • PQConstituent

            And, obviously, BF has taught you a lot about harassment… I must have hit a nerve with YOUR handler – you sure don't spend time responding to any of Bob's other detractors. RESIGN BOB!

          • JiffyPop Jerry

            Hey look, the paid hack troll is back. Did the anti-bob lobby give you your raise yet? Maybe you should wash their car.

          • Jerry Jpop

            Look here's the deal. as a 'log-on' blogger your profile page is an easy way to track your moves. If you delete your profile and go in as a non-log you can constantly change your name and you have no page to track and still can say what you want to say. Just as I've been demonstrating. As you've noticed it's quite effective. I'm a major account holder on ID and I won't bother you again. don't want to piss off KSWB and get banned. I'm out………………………….>>

          • PQConstituent

            You see, the difference is that I have nothing to hide. I have an opinion, and stand behind it. No reason to prevent tracking… not sure why you did – but regardless, even you have a right to your (somewhat misguided) opinion.

    • Linda King

      What is so terribly about this is during his work career hugging and cutting up with female staff was accepted. by both sexes. This is like PC and has become so strict and ridged that Employer/Employee relationships have changed forever.

      • PQConstituent

        I don't think suggesting that a female employee come to work without panties to improve her performance is 'cutting up' nor would it have been acceptable behavior in ANY decade of his or ANYONE'S career – at least in the United States. Bob feels he is above reproach. He isn't.

  • Guest

    Just proves that is about money. This was all ready a bad image for the city now with this ambulance chaser involved the city is laughing stock.

    • PQConstituent

      So you condone the Mayor telling one of his employees that she'd do a better job if she wasn't wearing panties? Oh yeah… it's about money.

      • Jerry Sprunger

        I condone women being strong and dealing with matters professionally without dragging the public into this. These "victims" sure lack the diplomacy to handle their problems. Let's make the public all mad and play on their sympathies. is that what passes for Girl Power these days? Or do lawyers need to substitute for the "Girl Power"?

        • PQConstituent

          Better work on changing state and federal LAW then… as these 'victims', as you attempt to diminish them, are simply exercising their rights under those laws. It is Filner that repeatedly acts as if law doesn't apply to him.

          • Jerry Sprunger

            Seems like they're exercising their failure to cope. I wish I could cry my way through life and get things my way. Yet us blue collared folk that carry this country have to push through it, unlike your ilk, must be sad to be you guys with your hate and unforgiving posture. Just keep going forward and prove me right.

          • PQConstituent

            No matter what you wish…. you can't diminish their RIGHTS, although you (and Bob) sure seem to want to.

            Don't know if you're married or not, Jerry … but let's pretend your wife's boss pulled his XXX out and told your wife if she didn't XXX it, she'd be fired. Bet you'd do something about it then! So we're only arguing degrees of law breaking? Can't do that.

  • anonymous

    ok thats it.. im gonna break rules and post, is I work there occasionally.

    SDPD has a bodyguard with Filner at ALL times.. I know these bodyguards. They would do something if the mayor was acting sexually inappropriate. The mayor has been monitored at all time when in City Admin… PS these women are pretty far down one the pole of attractive women that work in city admin.

    • Jerry Sprunger

      Everyone with a brain is, the bleeding hearts want their revenge or they'll run to the SCOTUS..

  • wil

    i am for the Mayor! he is being set up because he has the status quo uncomfortable because he is changing the way the old boys do business!

  • ms.Penn

    And it would take Andre the giant coming back from the dead to put hands on that big ass b*tch. She’s faking it. I feel bad for her husband

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