Calif. assemblywoman calls for Florida boycott

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SAN DIEGO — A San Diego assemblywoman said Wednesday that California’s Legislative Black Caucus is urging a boycott of Florida because of the acquittal of George Zimmerman, who was accused of fatally shooting an unarmed black teen.

TRAYVON_MARTIN_NEW_PHOTO_1Speaking in front of the San Diego Hall of Justice, backed by signs saying “Justice for Trayvon Martin,” Assemblywoman Shirley Weber, D-San Diego, said black caucus members want to send a message to the state of Florida.

“We can see a nationwide boycott of Florida as a reasonable reaction to the injustice we feel as Americans, when an innocent teen on his way home is trailed, apprehended and gunned down by an armed security guard in a housing development — and then found by a trial jury to be not guilty of second-degree murder,” Weber said.

“It should be a long time before any of us ever feel remotely comfortable considering Florida as a destination for business or pleasure,” Weber said.

The assemblywoman said she has been contacting black organizations that had plans to meet in Florida over the next year and asking them to withdraw.

The National Association for the Advancement of Colored People met this week in Orlando, about 30 miles from Sanford, Fla., where the 17-year-old Martin was killed.

Zimmerman followed the youngster as Martin walked toward a residence in the development on Feb. 26, 2012, and shot him during a physical struggle.

The incident ignited debate over racism, vigilantism, self-defense and a “stand your ground” law in Florida that was harshly criticized by speakers at Weber’s news conference.

Martin’s parents are considering filing a civil lawsuit against Zimmerman, and the U.S. Justice Department is looking into possible civil rights violations.

Assembly Majority Leader Toni Atkins, D-San Diego, said it was important to focus on the future.

“How do we prevent more senseless gun violence?” Atkins asked. “How do we challenge unjust laws? How do we ensure that equality isn’t just an ideal in our society, but an actual daily practice?”


    • wendy

      That is because you are an ignorant moron hiding behind the name guest what aren't you proud of your cowardly stance. Quit saying it had nothing to do with race are you really that ignorant? I am white and even I know it was about race if a white kid was walking wearing the same thing Zimmerman wouldn't have looked twice. He ain't a cop and had no reason to follow him, the kid didn't receive due process and his civil rights were clearly violated. Or what he didn't have a right to live. You are as sick as Zimmerman I hope that isn't your child one day being stalked and followed then shot regardless of the fact the kid was unarmed what kind of cowardly maggot shoots anyone unarmed, that is for a coward or punk. If Zimmerman wanted to play cop so bad why not be one? Oh that's right he couldn't make the cut.

  • Fred

    Shirley, you are a racist and a moron just like Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton.

    Race had nothing to do with the killing and he was found guilty based on Florida law.

    All you are doing is splitting the country because you are looking for future votes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    The idiots in Sacramento do not speak for me when it comes to laws in another state. The fact that any elected official would call for a boycott is truly asinine! If anyone should be so brazen to speak out of there ars! It's time to vote her out of office next election! Remember to vote out Shirley Weber, she does not speak truth nor express regard for laws on the books within another state let alone California,
    other wise she would have respected the laws of another state and not undermine the judicial system!!! Vote out Shirley Weber (no longer an assemblywoman for San Diego)!!!

  • Dawn

    Worry about your own State Assemblywoman. FLORIDA DISNEY WORLD HERE I COME!!!!! No surprise she is African American. SO SICK AND TIRED OF THIS CRAP ALREADY!!!!

  • Dawn

    You keep showing the same picture of Trayvon and his Dad. If they were really that close why when asked if that was his Son screaming was his answer NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?????????????, Oh yeah then change his mind once he heard what happened.

  • Mike Angelo

    THis assembly women needs to be kicked out. What a dumb broad. All she is looking for in the minority vote. Get a life!!

  • TJ333

    Shirley,You're an idiot.You're using this kid,you know it & we know it.Go live with Sharpton & Jackson,their also slease & use every chance they get to get their mug in the news.This kids parents are hiding his past & he had one.It was very sad he was shot.But stop blaming the rest of us who agree the not guilty vote was correct.I will support Florida also.

    • wendy

      smoking marijuana is a past? Get with the times dude if he had a criminal record and was dangerous the courts would have pulled it up hell Zimmerman's lawyers would have oh that's right all he ever did was smoke some pot so do half elected officials and three quarters of the population hell it's even legal in some more progressive states. So if Zimmerman was to follow stalk and hunt down your child and shoot him you would still support Florida's Law? Yea no I am certain you would feel differently. And for not knowing how the system works I would think twice before calling people idiots that's just the pot calling the kettle black.

  • Daniel Butler

    Dear Dr Shirley Weber and Assembly majority leader Toni Atkins, Of course you ladies are entitled to your opinions as we all are…But please do not for a moment believe you have the authority or the right to interfere with Interstate Commerce because neither of you like the outcome of the Zimmerman verdict.,.I consider your actions high-handed, pompous and completely out of line with your positions..Which I might ad are to increase commerce for our State, NOT hurt commerce because of your own personel beliefs and opinions…

  • Tjohna Flemmin

    What a disgrace is the big mouthed nitwit Toni Atkins. This self-adoring airhead thinks she has cornered the market on morality when in fact she is no different than the bigots that replaced justice with a rope and low hanging branch. The only facts that she considers are those that come from the voices in her hate filled head. Calling her scum would be complement. If it were the 50s her she would likely be in the Klan.

  • Ken

    I don't believe Dr. Weber attended the trial and is therefore not in a position to render a knowledgable judgement about the outcome. Shooting from the hip/lip is counter productive and only stirs contraversery where none is needed. The outcome of this ordeal is tragic for everyone involved. We should expect more from our elected leaders but you get what you vote for. Dr. Weber should concentrate on the problems of California, which she has helped to create. Florida, without a State income tax, seems like a good alternative to California. Seems like yet hey are doing more things right than California.

  • JustGumby

    Trevon died because he was pissed off this frumpy white dude was following him & acting as if a black man in a hoodie is automatically a criminal. Unfortunately, the teen shouldn’t have confronted the white fatty, and shouldn’t have physically fought with Zimmerman. Zimmerman was carrying a gun, because he’s a weak man & can’t fight. Same reason he shot Trevon–because he was getting his ass kicked by the teen. If I, a skinny white male, was beating Zinmerman up, he probably would have shot me. That’s my take. Sorry you were followed by a white wimpy jackass w/a gun Trevon. I would have kicked the fat man to the ground too. RIP young soul.

    • Tjohna Flemmin

      You, dear slow witted minor (or do you prefer slow witted dude?), are obviously the product of the failed California education system, a failed upbringing, a disadvantaged gene pool or a combination of all three factors. Your analysis mimics that which wouldn't be worthy of a cartoon character. A little advice: it is one thing to soil yourself and another to put on white shorts after you do.

  • Justice

    No one was hunted down or stalked. A watchman, on the lookout for an African American male who has robbed his neighbors numerous times followed trayvon, a likely (not proven) innocen man e thought may be the robber. Trayvon (a proven racist based on comments made) decided to attack the watchman. The watchman was about to die so he legally shot the attacking teen. It's as simple as that. Race has nothing to so with the "stalk" or the verdict. Unfortunately Martin matches the description of a robber. Heck, maybe it was Martin??? Either way there's no proof so this assembly woman needs to drop it and stop trying to start a race war on no proof.

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