Mayor avoids talking with media

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SAN DIEGO — Mayor Filner continued to dodging questions from Fox 5 reporters Tuesday.

For a fifth day San Diego’s embattled mayor fled from news cameras trying to ask him about the numerous allegations of sexual harassment in the work place. Earlier in the week Filner gave interviews with three selected reporters. His office has repeatedly refused interview requests from Fox 5.

In Fox 5’s latest attempt to talk with San Diego’s chief elected official, Filner’s security detail ran through a red light to avoid news cameras.

After waiting another eight hours at City Hall, the Mayor’s Office continued to tell Fox 5 Filner is “too busy for an interview.”

Six City Council members are currently calling on his resignation. Three others, all Democrats, have not done so yet.


  • Ms. G

    Fox 5, that is so unprofessional of you. I understand that it is your job to cover major stories. However, waiting for 8 hours at City Hall screams desperation. If he selected three reporters earlier in the week to release a statement, or conduct and interview why could Fox 5 not respect that he did not want to, and evidently does not want to talk to you. For his security detail to run a red light is wrong, but for Fox 5 to make his team feel the need to do so is also wrong. Hopefully someone on your team opens their eyes. He is clearly on the run from reporters, because he has already released a statement. Why continue to follow the man. He is not resigning, and you are not getting an interview.

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