Political analysts say Filner has tough road ahead

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SAN DIEGO – Mayor Bob Filner ignored Fox 5 cameras in yet another snub Tuesday morning, this time he was walking into the Mission Bay Real Estate Association meeting.

While the mayor has ignored repeated requests for interviews, he spoke freely with realtors Tuesday. Video from their meeting was shared with Fox 5 by an attendee.

Allegations bring questions about Filner’s projectsThere’s been nothing legal as far as I know that’s been instituted.  It’s all rumors,” Filner said to the real estate agents.

Mayor Filner continued to cherry pick the media, offering one-on-one interviews with only a select few, Fox 5 was not one of them.

On Monday, in one interview, he said he has hired employment law attorney Harvey Berger.  Fox 5 contacted Berger on Tuesday, but our calls were not returned.

Filner maintains he is not resigning.

Liam Dillon, a political reporter for Voice of San Diego, said if the mayor stays in office, he will have a tough road ahead accomplishing his agenda.

“His political capital is pretty much gone at this point,” said Dillon. “A lot of his supporters have deserted him. A majority of the City Council, specifically six members, have said ‘you need to go.’”

Dillon said it’s unlikely the six council members will forgive and forget. Yet, three others continue to stand behind him.

“We’ll see if he’s able to play things out differently, people’s memories can be short.  We’ll see when push comes to shove on certain issues, if he’s able to push things forward,” said Dillon.

Dillon said the effort to push the Mayor out of office has essentially come to a standstill.

“We’re really at a stalemate situation,” said Dillon.  “Neither side is budging. I think both sides have made their demands pretty clear.”

He said it may come down to a criminal investigation or recall, but no matter how you look at it, Filner isn’t leaving any time soon.

“The mayor’s the one who’s in office.  He’s the one with the continued power so he just seems to believe he can ride this out,” said Dillon.

The San Diego Police Department said Tuesday no one has come forward to report any criminal allegations against the mayor.

Donna Frye, Marco Gonzalez and Cory Briggs, the trio that brought forth the original sexual harassment allegations against the mayor denied all requests for interviews Tuesday.

City Attorney Jan Goldsmith released a statement indicating his office continues to represent the city, but there have been no requests for legal advice by the mayor.


  • alan dotson

    This is so stupid the way the accusations are being made. If they are in fact real why not go directly to the police?. This media circus does not need to happen. I am not defending mayor filner but i think maybe riding this out might be the best course of action. What if these charges are false and he resigns.

    • Reliable Witness

      I sincerely doubt they are false, as I have witnessed the behavior described in person. There will be statements and testimony given, I just do not know when. Filner needs to go.

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