Councilmembers say scandal is stalling city business

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SAN DIEGO — From the outside it may seem like business as usual at San Diego City Hall, but some members of the City Council said that’s not the case and are worried it may get worse.

San Diego City CouncilSan Diego City Councilman Kevin Faulconer claimed Mayor Bob Filner has been unreachable since the sexual assault and harassment accusations surfaced.

“I haven’t seen the mayor in over a week,” said Faulconer. “We need the mayor’s office to forward certain items, contracts.”

City Councilman Lori Zapf told Fox 5 the Council hasn’t been as productive since the Filner scandal erupted.

“Agendas have been near empty, meetings are being cancelled,” said Zapf.

Zapf, Faulconer and four other councilmembers have asked Filner to step down. Filner stated he won’t and has hired new staff to help him run the city.

“I would like to see the due process take its course,” said Myrtle Cole, the newest member to be elected to City Council. She’s one of three that have opted not to call on Filner to step down.

Faulconer said he hopes the City Council can eventually give the mayor a unanimous vote of no confidence, pressuring him to resign.

“I think in time you’ll find that all members of City Council will come to that conclusion,” said Faulconer.

Fox 5 reached out to Filner for comment on this story, but he did not respond.


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