Some of Our Comic Con Favorites…

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If you’re feeling overwhelmed with the ginormous-ridonkulous-OMGWTFBBQ-Fthiscrowd section of #SDCC here are some of our favorite places to check out for some excellent art and good reads.. Unless you just want Free swag from all the movie booths, then good luck, you’re probably at #SDCC to star gaze than actually see anything worth viewing, and this article is NOT for you.

With that said.. here is a list of favorites and friends we always visit every year..

———————————————————————————————————— E-12
My dude and good friend from high school. Well known for his Zombie Last Supper, he also sketches up some dope turtles.. In fact if you tell him “This is the Best Ninja Turtle I’ve ever seen” he’ll punch me in the throat LOL.. (Inside Joke) but he’ll know you got it from me. While you’re there pick up his Newest Sketchbook, and SDCC Exclusive Print for Pacific Rim. Also his booth babes are pretty awesome..



Camilla d’Errico 4723
One of my favorite artists I recently discovered in the last 4 years, met her at WonderCon back when it was in San Francisco and I’ve been a huge fan since. She’s a mix-media watercolorist some work on canvas and some on wood. But her combination of a females with animals is really interesting. Each piece has a meaning and emotion, the animal usually represents a virtue while the female portrays an emotion that compliments it. Pick up her books Femina & Fauna and her new book Helmet Girls



Sho Murase GG-06 (Artist Alley)
Another artist fave of mine that I was introduced too at WonderCon. Alot of her work and that she sells are Black/White Vector pieces with splashes of color. But her sketch art is really amazing. I missed out on an opportunity at WonderCon this year, she told me she would have some more original art work for me to look at this year at #SDCC.. so hopefully i’m coming home this year with an original Sketch and maybe another addition to my sketch book.



Martin Hsu 4531
Creator of the infamous DragonBoy, our buddy Martin Hsu is an amazing artist from The Bay Area. This year he will be debuting Dragonboy’s best friend “Blacky”, be sure to check him out and pick up a Headphone shirt! He’ll also have some custom vinyl figures and prints of most of his work available.. Tell him Dwin sent you!



TokiDoki 5145-5147-5149

If you don’t know by now, TokiDoki is one of the favorites amongst Japanese-Lifestyle Design junkies and it shows with the troves of endless fans lining up EVERYDAY just to pick up an exclusive or get a custom autograph from creator Simone Legno. He’s done custom pieces for myself and for the rest of the SpeakGeek crew over the last 6 years.



Archaia 2229

This is one of my favorite Graphic publishers, with big names like Mouse Guard & Roddenberry’s Days Missing. Archaia keeps on putting out some quality books. Some of my personal favorites is Days Missing, The Killer, Awakening and Rust. Also stop by and check out their con specials, they usually have a 1 for 1 deals, buy one get one, sometimes its REALLY good especially on Sunday when they do buy 2 get 3 free.. you just have to keep on checking, but by the popularity of their books, there might no be much left by Sunday! Also, writers and artists are always scheduled for signings throughout the weekend so be sure to check it out!



Oni Press 1833

Another favorite publisher of mine, traditionally every year I try to find a new graphic title to read, and 3 years in a row had been from Oni Press. I have been eye-ing this particular book for the past few years and this year might be the year I pick it up LOL.. But being the collector I am.. I won’t settle for less than the Limited Variant cover of it! (Its Con, I have too!)


Squid Kids Ink 5150

If you love Designer vinyl or if you’re a child of the 80s like I am, these figures will strike a chord.. the popular 10-Doh line by Squid Kids has been a must have collector item at all the conventions we’ve been hitting. Taking the familiar Nintendo Cartridge and giving them a little twist.. either paying homage to a classic game or a custom covers that only true retro gamers would know..  I’m not sure what exclusives they’ll have this year, but I’m positive they will have something.. also check out their DIY Squids and design your own!



Hyperactive Monkey 5644

Our buddy Jerome is another one of our favorite Designer Vinyl artists, he has a slew of collectables and apparel featuring some of their awesome characters. This year they will be collaborating with other designers for their exclusive “The Adolescent Hyperactive Ninja Turtles”




Eric Joyner and Snap 4921

“This is the year!” I say this every year when I find his booth.. I’m always intrigued by his vintage style art that incorporates Robots and or Doughnuts. Usually both. One year I couldn’t figure out which one of his hundreds of pieces I wanted.. One year I was too broke to buy an original that I was swooning over and One year I couldn’t choose between 4 of them and I was too broke to get all of them HAHA.. this year.. I plan on narrowing down to at least 2 and hopefully pick them up..



These are just a few of the regular booths I stop by annually, and at every other Convention.. some other booths that I visit regularly are The Privateer Press booth since I’m a Warmachine/Hordes player, the NECA booth only to see what new Four-Horseman Exclusives there are, The California Browncoats booth because I am a GIANT Firefly fan and what respecting Browncoat wouldn’t stop by that booth? Far East Cinema, my old dealer for my Asian Horror / Action DVDs, Geek Chic just to admire the custom gaming tables and just for giggles… J-List, cause com’n don’t you wanna know what kind of weird “kinky” item they pass off as toys this year?

So if you stop by one of these booths or not, there is surely something for everyone to see, what are you looking forward too? Comment us or tell us on our Facebook! SpeakGeek2Us FB


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