Pedestrian killed in Tierrasanta

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FatalTierrasantaSAN DIEGO — A car hit and killed a woman who was crossing the street near a Tierrasanta school Monday.

The woman died at the scene shortly after she was hit at about 7:40 a.m., police said.

Helicopter video showed a body covered by a yellow tarp in the 10800 block of Clairemont Mesa Boulevard. A silver sedan with front-end damage was stopped in the street.

The driver waited for police, who blocked off the street in both directions near De Portola Middle School during their investigation.

The name of the victim was not immediately released.


  • C Williams

    I drove by just seconds after it happened and down to the Tierra Santa fire station. They had been called but were casually strolling into their truck carrying their coffees. It took them over 10 minutes to get the scene of the accident (1/2 mile away). I am so upset at their nonchalant attitude – I hope she didn't die for lack of earlier medical attention. Shame on you paramedics!

  • Girl74

    You should report them to the station. I pray she didn’t die for lack of immediate medical attention…that would make this story even sader.I pray for the woman’s family and hope she didn’t suffer while those jerks were drinking their mochas.

  • Wi Tu Low

    The paramedics were probably informed that she was obviously already dead. No need to rush out and risk the lives of others trying to save a corpse.

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