San Diegans rally for Trayvon Martin

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SOTA rally at Highland Park in San Diego called for justice in the death of Trayvon Martin, the unarmed teenager killed in Florida.

Organizers say an injustice was served when a jury cleared George Zimmerman of any wrongdoing, in the death of Martin.

A diverse crowd gathered in San Diego to show support for Martin’s family.

“We all stand together united as one for the same cause,” said Maria Brown.


  • irateiconoclast

    Thank God SLAYV-VONN was eliminated! Thank you George Zimmerman for getting a thug off the streets!

  • Guest

    How about we get a rally going against the State of Florida for wrongfully going after a Hispanic when they had all of the evidence to show it was self-defense.

  • Steve
    So here is a kid who was shot in the head, because his parents believed he did not want to join a gang.
    Where's his advocates??? Yeah you on the left (actors, sports figures) not trendy enough for you? Jerks!
    What about Sharpton? Farrakhan? To common? no big headlines?? Jerks!
    Where's all the news people feigning outrage?? Jerks!
    Where's Obama saying if he had a son, "he would look like Darryl Green"??? JERK!!
    Get real people!!!

    • markit8dude

      People forget about Obama's comment about the whole "If I had a son…" thing… good call…
      He stirred up a s**tstorm with that comment. That is his deal- dividing the nation by race and socioeconomics. Then serve as dictator for those stupid enough to follow, and leave the non followers to fend for themselves..

  • markit8dude

    Yes, this was an unnecessary death– like any of these similar shootings. It was also unnecessary for the DOJ to jump in and state it was based on race and racial profiling. Way to go Obama administration– This is about the only thing it has been 'transparent' about…

  • markit8dude

    Sharpton? Ya, he is a joke. He is one of the many who whine and bitch about racism and civil inequalities— but without them he would have not reason to get out of bed in the morning.

  • Fred

    Look at the facts and look at Florida Law.

    The verdict was just on both counts.

    The little banger asked for it!

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