Organizers host rally in support of slain Florida teen Trayvon Martin

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Protestors will gather at 5:30 p.m., at Highland Park, across from 4310 Landis St. in City Heights, in response to George Zimmerman’s acquittal of charges in connection with the shooting death of unarmed Florida teen Trayvon Martin last year.

Following the “San Diego Stand with Trayvon Martin Rally,” a candlelight vigil hosted by the San Diego NAACP and She is Soul will be held at 7:30 p.m., near the Balboa Park fountain off Park Boulevard.

Speakers will include Mario Lewis, from the organization 100 Strong; a member of the family of Victor Ortega, a man killed by the San Diego Police Department in June 2012, and Mitch from the Party for Socialism & Liberation.

Local organizers scheduled to attend are Justice for Victor Ortega Coalition, Committee Against Police Brutality, Workers’ World Party, Canvass for a Cause, International Socialist Organization, NAACP San Diego, NAACP Youth Chapter, the Green Party of San Diego, and others.



  • Get over it!

    People from the hood:

    This is not a reason to protest, the facts are out! The state of Florida could not prove the case and George Zimmerman has been found not guilty of any crime committed against Trayvon Martin.

    Go back under the rock you crawled out from under and stop acting like you've been wronged!

    This is why civilized people call you animals, you have no common sense, nor do you think for yourself!!!

    • Michael

      The "facts" are given to you by the guy on the stand. The other stide of the story comes from the dead teen. Facts. Please. You're just oging to believe the guy who was told wait for the police. Who before ID'ing Trayvon speaks about him as "these F@!#ing punks". Ya, I'm going to totally believe that one side of the story. Pathetic.

  • guest17

    All the rallies and demonstrations in the country all added up equal zero. Just a bunch of noise to make people feel better. Maybe a hug will help.

  • klauss

    No rally in support of the 13-Month-Old Baby killed by 2 black teens????? I wanna participate, maybe NAACP can help organize it

  • Rose

    All you guys are dumb. I am white woman who is not content with the veridic. Black guys are hot !!!! For all you know he could have been the next president!!!!

      • Rose

        I am not a slut! I am just a concerned woman all my kids are mixed and this can happen to them for being being black at night !

          • Michael

            You believe that crap? Ya, a kid walking through a neghborhood going home from the store while at his Dad's house on suspension for some other BS is going to attack a security gaurd. You're as pathetic as that jury. Rose, raise your children to just take the high road and be righteous. I was raised to defend myself and I would have been killed by this fool too.

          • Not yo mama

            I hear you my brother from another mother!

            Ain't nothing like pimping thru two cribs trying to gets back to the crib and run up against some kracker trying to roach my buzzzzz!

            You go ahead and jump someone Michael! Under the same circumstance in the great State of Florida you too will find yourself six feet under and in the wrong! George Zimmerman was found not guilty of committing any crime against Tryvon Martin.

            Get over yourself, quit being a victim of your own skin tone!!!

    • guest17

      "I am white woman" = wrong pronunciation
      It's *verdict not ' veridic '

      I mean really Rose, and you call us "dumb'? (eyes roll)

    • Not as dumb as you

      The girls that dated black boys when I was growing up are consider mud-sharks (bottom feeders).
      I see your problem, once you go black, you never go back! Yes Rose, you are also a mud-shark.

  • Markit8dude

    Yes, this was an unnecessary death– like any of these similar shootings. It was also unnecessary for the DOJ to jump in and state it was based on race and racial profiling. Way to go Obama administration– This is about the only thing it has been 'transparent' about…

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