Movement to recall San Diego Mayor Bob Filner

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SAN DIEGO – A San Diego political activist is spearheading the movement to recall Mayor Bob Filner.

Michael Pallamary successfully led the recall effort against a San Diego Councilwoman in 1991, and now feels the climate is right to recall Filner.

“If you know anything about him, you knew that things would unfold,” said Pallamary.

This week, three former supporters of Filner came forward to accuse him of sexual harassing woman in his office. The mayor responded with an apology, but did not say he would resign. Since then, four city councilmembers have asked Filner to leave his post as mayor.

Pallamary says the path to a recall is clear.bob-filner

“Let`s build the army, then go forward. But I’m only going to do that if the support continues to grow as it is.”

Pallamary is directing people to


  • leo

    give this goodman a second chance nobody is perfect even mr clinto did as president & he was one of the best so people please dont judge like u perfect ok stop & think

  • Steve

    Let's recall Filner the old fashioned way, there's an election in a few short years; don't reelect him. Conservatives, for all their flag-waving and Bible-thumping, sure don't seem to match deeds to words.

  • Rose F

    I was an intern for him in his office in chula vista and he would always tuch my bootie. I never said anything because he was a congressmen.

  • Cleffy

    I really could care less if he likes the ladies. At least he is straightforward about it instead of lying under oath and intimidating witnesses. To me its more about how effective he is as mayor. I think Jerry Sanders did a great job and made tough decisions, I would not like Filner to undo his work.
    I always voted against Filner for Congressman because I felt his stance was more appropriate at a local level. Unfortunately I fear he has no backbone and will unnecessarily create a deficit. So I am all for recalling him simply to put someone else in.

  • RickPiranha

    He is inocent until proven guilty,just like clinton Arnold, Kennedy, come on they all have dirt they are all cutthroat that is how they succeed , No remorris just there to make it happen. In order to be a good politician you have to be able to lie and cheat better than your opponent, Mother Theresa was not a politician but Caligula was a Caesar of the biggest empire do the homework. This accusations are now as good as blackmail but if us tax payers have to paid to find out the truth then we are doing what we all do best Like OJs case. Well let see what happens we always put full attention of something that no one address at the time of the incident, Question to be wondering is who is going to take his place ??? Some one better hmmm who no one that ran so far,

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