New app helps drivers avoid tickets

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SAN DIEGO– If you keep getting parking tickets there’s a new app that may help. A local man was so fed up with tickets he created a smart phone application to help drivers steer away from fines.

Zoran Vladisavljevic is like many Mission Beach residents. He loves living by the ocean, but it comes with expensive headaches: parking tickets.

“ANew app helps drivers avoid ticketsnger, you’re just angry at yourself, you’re angry at everybody,” Vladisavljevic said.

Different streets have different restrictions that are hard to keep track of, so after 10 years and thousands of dollars in tickets Vladisavljevic decided to do something about it by developing the TixAlert app.

“It’s a high-tech era,” Vladisavljevic said, “It’s going to help other users avoid tickets and keep our streets clean.”

Once you’ve downloaded the TixAlert App onto your phone it uses GPS maps to run your location through a database of city street info.

If you’re parked in a “hot zone,” you’ll hear a message that says: “You are in a street sweeping zone. Please move your vehicle or check your schedule.”

There is also a timer that reminds you to feed your meter.

So far the app works in San Diego and San Francisco, but they’re taking it to 10 major cities in the next six months and eventually nationwide.

“Just downloading the app makes you more aware of street sweeping and other parking regulations,” TixAlert Vice President of Business Development Brian Glass said. “$2.99 keeps you from getting a $50 to $60 ticket.”


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