Councilmembers react to Mayor’s video apology

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SAN DIEGO – Thursday, the San Diego City Council began reacting to Mayor Bob Filner’s video statement regarding sexual harassment allegations.

Councilman Kevin Faulconer spoke to the media Thursday morning prior to Filner’s statement. He was the first to call on the Mayor’s resignation.

“Bob Filner crossed the line,” he said. “Sexual harassment is completely unacceptable and has no place in this city. Mayor Filner’s escalating scandals have eliminated his ability to effectively govern, and the only way for San Diego to begin to recover is for him to step aside.”

Councilman Mark Kersey was the first to respond after the video was released.

“It is disturbing that the Mayor did not deny any of the allegations made by four high-profile San Diegans,” said Kersey. “Our immediate focus should be on the safety of our workers. No employee should feel intimidated or vulnerable on the job. We have to ensure that the City of San Diego sets the highest possible standards for professionalism in the workplace. Any and all claims must be immediately investigated by the City.”

Councilmembers Scott Sherman and Lorie Zapf joined Faulconer in calling on Filner to resign.

“As a woman, I am deeply troubled by this behavior,” Zapf said. “As an elected official who represents the citizens of San Diego, I am saddened for what this means for our City. I ask that the Mayor do the honorable thing and step down.”

“I am calling on Mayor Filner to resign,” Sherman said. “He has admitted that he is guilty of sexually harassing women. and his actions are unacceptable under any circumstance. Unfortunately this is the latest and most disturbing of a series of scandals that make him incapable of leading our city.”

Councilwoman Myrtle Cole didn’t go as far as calling on the mayor to resign. She said it should depend on whether his behavior changes.

“As a former police officer, I am very aware of the seriousness of these sexual harassment allegations,” said Cole. “I am very shocked and disappointed to hear the mayor admit to his inappropriate behavior, and seeking help is the right first step. And as the mayor has indicated, if his behavior doesn’t change or further erodes the ability of the city to conduct the people’s business, then he should resign.”

Todd Gloria spoke to Fox 5 Thursday evening and said he is withholding judgment on Filner’s future as mayor until more information on the scandal comes to light. However, he said what has come out so far is disappointing.

“I’m very disturbed by the information. I don’t condone any kind of harassment in the workplace,” Gloria said.

Councilwoman Marti Emerald seems to be supporting the mayor.

“I commend Mayor Filner for the courage to admit he has made mistakes and for his commitment to change his behavior,” said Emerald. “I hope the people of San Diego will support Mayor Filner in his effort to make a change and continue to make a positive difference in our city.”


  • Kathy

    I took the Mayors comment (paraphrased) "it's good that behavior that was OK in the past is no longer tolerated".. since when is being a BULLIED AND HARASSED….. ok??????
    He's the same person he has always been… Why does the city have to pay extra for him and "his staff"
    to go thru tolerance training (isn't it a part of HR and having a job

    Proud I did not vote for this mayor…the writing was on the wall…javascript: postComment(0);

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