22 students become ill at school

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AudubonSchoolIllnessSAN DIEGO — Nearly two dozen students became ill Thursday after eating lunch at a school cafeteria, officials said.

The students, ranging from kindergarteners to seventh graders, at Audubon Elementary School at 8111 San Vicente Street began complaining of stomach pain at about 12:30 p.m., a spokesman for the San Diego Unified School District confirmed.

None of the students was seriously ill, but 22 were taken to local hospitals as a precaution, San Diego Unified School District spokesman Jack Brandais said. Approximately 425 students had lunch Thursday at the campus.

District police stayed with the ill children until parents and guardians arrived at the hospitals.  SDUSD did not have details on the conditions of the children as of 5 p.m.

Campus food-service personnel and county health workers were looking over and testing the cafeteria food and drinks served to the children for lunch, Brandais said. The facility’s refrigerators apparently were working properly, and no expired products were immediately found, he said.

San Diego Unified’s Food Services Department is fully cooperating with the County of San Diego Environmental Health Department, which is conducting an investigation into the incident.

“Nothing is more important to us than the health of our students,” he said. “We’ll get to the bottom of this.”

The school will be open Friday.  Breakfast in the Classroom and lunch will be served as usual, Brandais said.


  • normal guy

    Glad to hear they are testing the food. Now we can finally find out what is in the Mystery Meat Special!

  • Kellie

    Yes it would be very interesting to see what happens. What was served? That would give me an idea of what happened. Was it the summer school feeding program? and were the regular Child Nutrition workers that work at the school serving @ that site.. Hard to get sick from milk or juice product if it was served cold.
    I work in food services @ a school site and we make sure we keep time and temp logs on everything we serve so this kind of event does not happen. The only way this could of happened is if time and temp had been compromised. Our district is VERY strict about keeping food safe for the children. I have been working for another district for over 20 years and we have not had this problem before. But it is a scary thing..Being in Food services myself and knowing what I know it is ALOT easier to get food poisoning from eating out at your local restaurant or fast food..ever notice who handles your food WATCH them sometimes do they OR have they washed their hands???most sicknesses come from the very thing that makes OUR FOOD OUR HANDS..I notice who handles my food and who knows how it is prepared behind the scenes. Your child could also get sick from packing their own lunch you have to use ice..hot food hot..cold foods cold…I prefer to eat at home. I have known TOO many people who have gotten sick from eating out

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