Man kills neighbor’s pit bull with shotgun

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SAN DIEGO — A Valencia Park resident said he used a shotgun to kill a neighbor’s pit bull Monday night after the unleashed animal attacked him on his own property.


Lee Pattinson talks with police after shooting his neighbor’s pit bull.

The shooting took place on th 5800 block of Duluth Street at about 8:30 p.m., said police, who were called  to the scene.

Lee Pattinson told Fox 5 News that the pit bull attacked his husky in his yard.

“I couldn’t pull him off.  I tried hitting him several times, but it didn’t do anything to the dog.  The dog turned and bit my leg,” Pattinson said. “After the dog bit me, I ran inside and got my gun.”

Pattinson said he hit the dog with the shotgun five times, but it didn’t stop the attack so he “put him down.”

Monday’s incident wasn’t the first run in with the pit bull, he said. The same pit bull attacked his dog once before.

“I told my neighbor, ‘If this happens again, it’s not OK, and I will shoot your dog,’” Pattinson said. “I didn’t mean it as a threat.  I tried to tell her there are kids in the neighborhood.  That dog has been aggressive and it’s not safe.”

San Diego police investigated the shooting and determined that Pattinson shot the dog in self defense. He was not facing any charges, said San Diego police Officer Dino Delimitros.


  • SB52

    Fox 5 News, can you please explain to me how this is breaking news? There are dog fights EVERYDAY but it seems like you have taken this opportunity to single out the bit bull breed. Husky's are known to be aggressive dogs as well. Having owned both breeds of dogs in my lifetime I feel that both dogs may have been at fault here. The fact that one of these dogs was a pit does not make this event any more important than any other dog fight. The true audacity is the fact that this person had to kill a dog over the matter, but that point seems to be muted by the fact that one of the dogs in the quarrel was a pit. Pit bull or not I would consider this animal cruelty!

    • Joe Blow

      What about the attack on the human??? is that ok? I think not! It is the irresponsible pet owner that is at fault. That stupid pitbull was doing what it was bred to do. Too bad there are such stupid people. I'm glad the menace was taken care of.

    • Guest

      1. Dog (regardless what the breed) was NOT on a leash as per the law! Strike 1!
      2. Dog NOT only attacked another dog, but attacked a human and inflicted bodily harm without provacation! The law says that if you feel that yourself and/or your family is in danger you have the right to use deadly force to protect yourself. This guy first used alternate means to protect himself and his dog, then as a last resort, used deadly force. Strike 2!
      3. Apparently this dog has a history (I do not know firsthand) of being off a leash, out of a fenced enclosure, and attacking other dogs. All the while the owner is unwilling to take the appropriate action to fix the problem. Breaking the law. Strike 3!
      3 strikes and you're out!

    • missbea

      This is not "breaking" news, it is just news. This was not a dog fight, which is an escalation of two equally dominant dogs that couldn't "work it out" thus avoiding fighting. This was a pit leaving it's own property and attacking a dog on it's own property. Mentioning the breed that attacked is no more "singling out", than mentioning the breed of the attacked dog. And I would say the fact that it was pit does make the "event" more important than any other dog fight, of which it was not. Few dogs will survive a pit attack, and the risk of re-direction if you try to save your dog is considerable once they're in that focused frenzy. This dog could not even be beaten off, and you think it a true audacity and animal cruelty that he shot it? The husky and it's owner was the victim here. The pit attacked of it's own volition, and it's owner obviously cared about it's safety about as much as he cared about his neighbors safety. Lol, "quarrel"

    • Stephani

      That was absolutely 100% self defense. If the Husky had attacked then the Husky should have been shot. But the Pit Bull attacked and since he tried everything he knew how to do to stop the attack and nothing worked, I think shooting the animal was a last resort. Take it form me, an animal lover, I don't like it any time any animal has to be put down. But I would do the exact same thing in this guy's situation. You want to get upset because the dog was a Pit Bull? How about getting upset because the pit bull's owner didn't train their dog properly? or secure their dog properly? Try getting upset about that. That would have saved the dog's life.

  • Marissa

    Don’t forget this pit bull was unleashed and on his property! This isn’t a case of animal cruelty. Lee is a dog owner himself. The pit bull’s owner was irresponsible and had been warned. Unfortunately, the owner probably will not hold herself accountable and will blame anything else on what could’ve been avoided had she kept her commitment to being a responsible pit bull owner. I doubt this would’ve ended the same way if this was a chihuahua running loose. Just sayin’…

      • rob

        Pitt Bulls are the number 1 related dog injuries for humans. Try explaining to me how they are "so sweet"… the facts speak for themselves. Regardless of the owner, they are super aggressive and protective dogs… Good guard dogs. Thats about it.. They should be banned.
        Ive met plenty of the so called "nice" pitt bulls. Not so nice when they are being protective… (NATURALLY).. you cannot change the nature of any being or species. Its genetically imprinted in them. There is no Pitt Bull owner on planet earth that can change their genetic codes, therefore your opinions on how "its just the owner" are invalid and it is just a horribly uneducated excuse to blame the human

  • Patriot

    My mother-inlaw is the neighbor of both these dog owners and several times in h past has made comments about this pit bull. This is always out in the streets growling and harassing people as well as dogs in the neighborhood. This dog killed another dog within the same neighborhood about a year ago and she has been warned not only from the people but law enforcement as well. I love pit bulls but this was justified and not animal cruelty. The police department would of shot the dog at the scene!

  • wtagart

    If the dog was such a threat how many times had it been reported to either the police or animal control. The guy said that the previous attack was much worse were the police or animal control called in on that one. I would also like to know how it can be ruled as self defense if the guy went into his house and came back out with a shot gun, especially after he had already commented/threaten to shoot the dog, then hit four or five times with the shotgun (lucky him that it didn't discharge in his face). Also a water hose is very effective in breaking up two dogs. I do not appreciate it that the news media is always putting the stress on Pit Bull, if brought up right and treated right the animal is very loyal and there are other dog attacks done by other breeds and nothing is ever said about them. But look what the media has done with Paula Deen for using the N word 20 years ago. Plus aren't there any fences in this neighborhood?

    • Monoxide

      If you look at the photo of the guys leg, what is that behind him? A gate and a wall!!
      It WAS self defense because the dog was still in his yard and STILL willing to bite again. Or did the dog say "that's the only bite you'll get tonight"? 0_o
      As far as the water hose is concerned, teeth beats water hose. Please slow down and look at the situation before typing away with a bunch of emotional nonsense. And lumping Paula Deen into this is a nice attempt to steer away the debate from this issue, but it failed.
      Good thing you're not a lawyer..

      • wtagart

        The press has a way of blowing things out proportion and this news station is very anti Pit Bull. We weren't there so we don't have all the information on it. My question was if it happened previously as stated by the guy, were the police and/or animal control called in that incident or did everybody go their own way after words. As for the hose if they get too much water down their throat they can't breathe and the let go. Bottom line people seem to forget that their pets are animals, which means that they need to be respected as animals.

    • missbea

      I read in another article that the dog had been reported. Unfortunately animal control seldom does anything until there is a serious mauling or fatality. Look at the lady in calif killed by the four pit bulls…they had previously attacked dogs, horses, and people, and animal control was well aware of them…in fact they had previously removed the dudes last four pits.There was one attack this year where there were 17 prior reports to animal control! Since laws are set up to protect dangerous dogs and their owners, there's no incentive for them to change. The husky owner needed to get the gun, cause he could not get the pit off his dog. And if trying to beat it off with the butt of the gun didn't work, what would a garden hose do? Maybe on a chihuahua or daschund.

  • ignoranceisbliss

    I love how the name PIT BULL is used.. they do that to make headlines, to try and sell a story. TO THE IGNORANT PEOPLE THAT BLAME THE BREED. Pit bulls are not any vicious than most breeds out there, they are just the ones that make headlines so they can bring you out of the wood work to ban them.

    • rob

      do some research. You are too defensive and have no facts other than your own blind opinions. Facts speak for themselves. You are dead wrong and so was the owner of this pitt bull.

  • Michael

    Good work Sir. Protect your family, pets, and neighborhood. Pits are agressive dogs, get over it people. I don't hear too many poodle, labrador, hell even mastiff attacks.

  • wtagart

    The water is very effective if their mouth and nose if full of water they can't breathe. The reason that some Pits are aggressive is mainly due to their owners. I have a neighbor who is on the other side of the fence on our property and he is always taunting our dog knowing that she can't get to him. Do you think that he would be doing it if the fence wasn't there? I wonder just how intelligent some people are when it comes to pit bulls which use to be known as the nanny dog here in USA and the United Kingdom. Did you ever see Petey on the Little Rascals, what kind of dog was he? Do you know what the difference is between an American Staffordshire terrier or Amstaff and a Pit Bull? The press does not report all dog bites or attacks. have you ever heard of an American Staffordshire attacking someone?

  • Jaloney Caldwell

    I also don't see much relevance in 'pit bull' in this story, and such identifications in media stories are notoriously unreliable. The term 'pit bull' raises the number of clicks (or people 'staying tuned' for a 'teased' story during the local TV news), and that's a big temptation for media people to stretch the term to its limits. I wouldn't bet any money on what breed of dog, or just mutt, the attacking dog actually was.

    That said, of course the incident is the fault of the owner who let their dog loose, and add on top a prior warning and the incident occurring in the one guy's doorway and it's pretty cut and dried. Not that long ago my dog, which most people would call a 'pit bull' (Dogo Argentino/APBT mix maybe?) was attacked while on her leash by a larger very aggressive Akita-type dog illegally off its leash. Neither dog was killed fortunately, but both had bite wounds, the other dog more than mine, but it was all 100% the fault of the other owner who let her dog loose illegally.

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