Mayor to issue Over-the-Line tournament permits

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SAN DIEGO — Mayor Bob Filner is scheduled to announce Wednesday that he will issue permits for next month’s Over-the-Line tournament, despite legal action against the long-standing San Diego tradition.

Screen Shot 2013-06-17 at 5.11.34, a group that opposes the city’s ban on alcohol on city-run beaches, sued the city earlier this month, claiming it is playing favorite with permits.

The organization, which has staged drinking-oriented events at Mission Bay in the past, has been unable to obtain city permits. Its leaders point to heavy alcohol consumption at OTL, which is staged on Fiesta Island.

The 60th annual tournament, scheduled to take place July 13-14 and July 20-21, features thousands of three-person teams playing a modified form of softball.

The event is famous for beer drinking, scantily clad female spectators and lewd, but frequently clever, team names.

Filner’s office said he will issue the permits to the OTL organizers, the Old Mission Beach Athletic Club, because of the traditional nature of the event.


  • DDD

    How disappointing!!! Go after the city all you want…but leave OMBAC out of it. You are willing to derail a San Diego tradition for 60 years because you could not get one permit for one day? Isn't this a bit childish? A bit hypocritical to your cause???!!!! You are trying to do to OMBAC exactly what the city did to all of us when they took away our right to drink on our beaches and the bay! C'mon! If you ruin OMBAC, will this make you all feel better?

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