Utility says meter data has been subpoenaed thousands of times

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SAN DIEGO- It’s a privacy revelation that has smart meter users concerned their being tracked.

The San Diego Gas and Electric Company reported releasing user data 4062 times in 2012.

SDGE-Connected-LogoPrivacy watch dogs say the company can track when a smart meter user is at home, leaving for work or on vacation.

“I think that’s way over the line,” said Jeremy Burland a criminal defense attorney. “I don’t see why this information is even necessary.”

SDG&E declined an interview but reported they were releasing data only when the records were subpoenaed by the government or other civil court cases. The company released this statement:

“SDG&E is dedicated to enabling customer privacy and has implemented a comprehensive privacy program that incorporates rigorous international standards.  An unassailable principle for SDG&E is that we are the custodian of our customers’ energy usage data, and we will protect it.”


  • Stephani

    "It’s a privacy revelation that has smart meter users concerned their being tracked."

    Shouldn't that be "they're being tracked"? You can spell subpoenaed correctly but have issues with "they're"? LOL Sometimes you have to go past spell-check and actually proofread.

  • Don't tread on me!

    Ok proofreader nazi's,
    The story is more of a legal concern then how the reporter spells or uses words in the right context!
    The government is out of control, from city, state, and federal looking beyond the line of written law!!!

  • Enough is enough!

    The US Government intrudes into our private lives without our permission on a scale almost unimaginable. The 4th Amendment says we are supposed to be secure from unreasonable searches and no warrants issued without probable cause. The FISA court is a rubber stamp to hide behind "hey, it's legal" and technology contractors have been making billions setting up an Orwellian infrastructure on the taxpayer's dime. Snowden has reminded us – all of us – that government is not representing the people, it is representing itself and spying on us in the process. This must change

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