Aspiring actor killed in head-on collision

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LAKESIDE, Calif. – A 21-year-old man was killed and two others were injured in a head-on collision in Lakeside, authorities said.


Harold Oliver Wise IV was killed in a crash in Lakeside (Facebook)

A Nissan Altima was headed west at 80 to 100 mph on Lake Jennings Park Road east of the intersection with El Monte Road shortly before 10:30 p.m. Saturday, according to the California Highway Patrol.

Harold Oliver Wise IV of Lakeside lost control of the Nissan and veered into oncoming lanes, where the sedan collided with a Jeep Wrangler, according to the San Diego County Medical Examiner’s Office and the CHP.

The 21-year-old was wearing a seat belt, the Medical Examiner’s Office reported.

Friends of Wise told Fox5 that he had been pursuing an acting career.

The crash left two people trapped in the heavily damaged vehicles, one of which was in flames, officials with the Lakeside Fire Protection District said.lakeside-deadly-crash1

A third person was able to get out without help.

Responding law enforcement officers used fire extinguishers to put out the vehicle fire before fire personnel arrived on scene, fire officials said.

Wise died at the scene, and the Jeep’s occupants were taken to a hospital with non-life-threatening injuries, the Medical Examiner’s Office said.


  • joshboardfox5

    This is a shame. An aspiring actor…driving dangerously in a car, and ends up with an ending to his career like that of James Dean. Why aren't more people careful when it comes to the speed of an automobile?

  • Concerned citizen

    I'm sorry for the families loss. I am more greatful that he was the only one that lost his life and not the other two that were hurt by this as people are praising him as a young aspiring actor. He was careless and why was he driving so fast on that road? I'm certain it happens everyday and he payed the ultimate sacrifice for his inconsiderate lifestyle. I would hope that people would stop making people like this out to be better than they actually are. Show more compassion for the family that survived the horrific accident and not the idiot who caused it. Not sure if alcohol played a part in it but it's usually the driver who is commiting the crime that survives and the innocent who die. Sorry to the family who lost a son but thank you that the other family doesn't have to bury two family members.

  • guest

    Just ONCE I want the news to report accurately. The headline should read: Idiot Kills Self, Maims Innocents.

  • aimeef

    Seriously? Do any of you “judges” have a heart? This family has lost their son, brother, nephew, grandson. He made a bad choice; as we all have several times in our lives. If you don’t have anything nice to say, then say NOTHING AT ALL!!!! He was loved & cherished by many people. Please allow his family & friends to grieve in peace without any of you pointing fingers & being heartless to all of them. God bless Harold & his family.

    • Concerned citizen

      What would Harold be saying right now if he survived and the other two passengers were killed? What would these comments be like than? I understand that he had family and friends that loved him, but so does the other family and it's idiots like Harold who hurt those families and don't think nothing of it until they are up for parole or in court. He didn't make a mistake, he made a bad decision and his family will have to live with it. I get tired of hearing people like you talk so big about the people who do these kind of things like if they were angels, let's call a duck a duck already. He wasn't a pillar in society although he was "turning his life around at 21" you tell me did passenger in the other car need to go through this at such young age. We should all be appologizing to that family and not the other.


        Concerned Citizen: First of all, you didn't know Harold, you don't know his family, friends or any of the trials and tribulations he has gone through in his life. He suffered a severe brain injury in which he had to endure many surgeries. "Turning his life around at 21" meant he was finally through all the pain and suffering he went through from the surgeries, he was finally back to acting and doing the things he used to do. Did he make a bad decision, yes. I'm sure he and his family are very sorry for all the pain and suffering the other family is going through and will continue to go through. However, Harold paid the ultimate price for his bad decision. He died.

        • equinelover

          What caused his brain injury? Why the hell was he allowed to drive if he had impulse control problems? I don't care that he wanted to be an actor when he grew up. I'm glad he died before he killed someone else.

  • guest

    Harold was a great friend, all your negative comments can be left to yourself. Hes not an idiot cause he made a mistake, we all make mistakes and his mistake took his life so maybe have a little compassion. or have we lost that in humanity already?

  • Michael

    Speed kills folks, rest in peace. I'm a speeder myself and understand the urges but you have to control it in dangerous situations. Prayers to the family and friends for their loss.

  • Guest2

    He was drinking and driving after countryfest. He chose his fate when he got into that car. I feel bad for his friends and family who have to grieve over a horrible decision he made

  • Realist

    He had an ironic name…lol!!! Wise drove unwisely…lol!!! Good, another moron is permanently off the roads.

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