Paula Deen apologizes for racial slur

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SAN DIEGO– The self proclaimed “Queen of Southern Cooking” was dropping by the The Food Network Friday after the celebrity chef admitted to using racial slurs.

Deen is in the middle of a discriminating lawsuit with a former employee who claimed Deen and her family used sexually explicit and derogatory terms. Deen admitted to using the “N-Word” during a deposition.

Transcript of a videotaped deposition shows that when Deen was asked if she’s ever used the N-word she replied “yes, of course.” 

After failing to show up to the Today Show Friday, Deen posted three apology videos to her YouTube page Friday morning.

“I want to apologize to everybody for the wrong that I’ve done,” Deen said in a video. “I beg for your forgiveness.”

Hours after the YouTube posting, the Food Network announced it would not renew Deen’s contract when it expires at the end of June.

Deen also allegedly admitted to using the slur in conversation with her husband, but maintains she is not racist.



  • Klipe

    If you claim to have never said it…you are a liar! We all say stupid things, the meaning of the word is stupid. People of color call each other that and refer to white people as crackers. I have never cracked a whip you idiots! Get over things that happened before most of you were even thought of and put your mind to something beneficial to your life. Grow up!!

  • cat

    Who of us hasn't made mistakes or said things that should not have been said. I believe Paula's apology is sincere. It seems that the media loves to destroy people, but I know that's how they think they should operate. I support you Paula, most of us are human and mess up at times

  • allison

    Big deal, I have been called "cracker" and "wasp" by "african americans". Did I make a cause of it? No, I accepted it as a remark from an idiot.

  • valerie

    it's not paula's fault for the racial slur, the reason i say that is because Finding Your Roots aired last year and paula traced her roots back to her 3rd great grandfather,and found out that he owned slaves. so, you can expect a slur such as that to come out of her mouth, because her ancestors used the "N" word alot. It's a word that has been passed down through her family.So that's why i say ,it's not her fault. she's really a victim of hate.

    • Larry

      I dated a caucasian woman for years and when she was angry at me, guess what the N word came out. So to all those people other than African Americans. If its in u it will come out.

  • janie ulibarri

    I grew up around black Americans and worked with many.I was called many racists names plus told I hung them .I’m a forth generation German& Italian.I never would or have done a thing like that.growing up in a black community was hard I was so abused.Ithey called eachother the n word constantly it came out of mine because my black friends said it so much.if Paula said sorry.forgive& move on.I love everyone.

  • Harry O

    Today I fired the Food Network after being a loyal viewer for decades and buying their products at Kohl's Department Store. I refuse to patronize a bunch of PC Aholes

  • Marilyn Stevens

    Well I guess everyone on the Food Network Reveiw Board must be PERFECT! But as far as I can tell I believe that there has been only one perfect person that has tread upon this earth and that was our Savior Jesus Christ! Guess they feel righteous enough to pass that judgement!

  • Joe M

    Paula is truly a southern hick stereotype. Not because she used the N word., but because she was stupid enough to admit it. Was there video? Audio? Personally I've never used that word in my entire life. Now prove me wrong.

    The lesson: Do not fear the law or the media. Deny, deny, deny. Always.

  • ...sigh...

    A lot of people are way to damn sensitive. I'm sorry, I won't even dignify this post with a description of my ethnicity because what's the point, some overly sensitive person will assume what and who I am to make themselves feel better. WHO CARES! When people stop caring and worrying about what other people say and think their lives should be a whole lot happier and this non-sense can stop. As it is now someone is always going to be offended by something someone else says because they want to be offended, they want some form of sympathy for themselves…the woe is me way of life. Like right now…the word "mouse" offends me, no one say it, I'm going to demand an apology, because making you say sorry is going to make my feelings feel better and it will be like you never said it. Give me a break.

  • Anonymous

    Well, to begin with I’ve always watched her show. But come on now, she should of known better. Were not living back in the day, if she had any common sense she should know that the “word” itself is racist no matter what generation she comes from. I really liked her show and even bought her kitchen ware. I guess I just really never expected such thing from this lady. Hopefully, she’ll know now that were not old fashion and that saying such a racial slur is just so hurtful to many in this generation. You should be ashamed Paula…: (

  • Melissa D

    I think this whole mess is bullcrap.. Paula Deen is a older southern woman and that's the word use in the south for many years, it's history. She even clearly stated why she said it and to whom..and it was YEARS ago…she even told that prick lawyer that it is not a word they use anymore……so what now..are all our conversations we have with our husbands or wives going to be brought into question… I was in the Sprint store on a Saturday afternoon and 3 teenage black kids came in and robbed the place…yes I called them the n word when I got home and told my husband what had happened. I was mad. I was scared. And I said it! And I will NOT deny it! I am sorry if I offended anyone but it is none of anyones business what I say to my husband in the PRIVACY of my own home! So….I'm just wondering….these people who are claiming racisim againist Paula Deen…have they never watched Roots? To Kill a Mockingbird….The Color Purple…because that word is used in these movies quite alot…are they suing the television network for putting it on air? Grow the hell up!

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