Filner staff member resigns

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SAN DIEGO — The office of Mayor Bob Filner Friday announced the resignation of his deputy chief of staff.

No details were released about why Allen Jones, a former vice president of local developer H.G. Fenton Co. and a land-use expert, decided to leave his post.

The website quoted an anonymous source who said Jones was frustrated with Filner’s treatment of his staff.

It’s the first unexpected resignation of a top executive in Filner’s administration. Several holdovers from the administration of ex-Mayor Jerry Sanders departed once Filner found suitable replacements.


  • HiNSA

    Maybe it's time for Bobby to go, sounds like a guy who is working hard to get along with most San Diego. Obama is bad enough with the bullying and strong-arm tactics. I'm sure the media puts a certain spin on stories but I honestly haven't heard anything good about him since Filner has been in office. Too bad you can't impeach politicians for being, well, politicians.

  • Guest

    Hmmm. the Allen Jones who was tied up with Henry Hunte of H.G Fenton who had to pay fines for voter fraud?

  • Joe

    Yes. Jump ship before the FBI starts arresting these hoods for corruption.

    From what I hear, you need $100K to get Filner's signature

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