Mystery surrounds skateboarder’s arrest, death

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OCEANSIDE, Calif. – A 25-year-old North County man was found dead on the beach after being released from five days in jail for a skateboarding ticket, and his parents want to know what caused the tragedy.

Kevin Fuzi was on his way to visit friends in Riverside County when he received a ticket for skateboarding at the Oceanside train station.

Kevin Fuzi, skateboarder in oceansideThe police report on the incident revealed that Fuzi refused to sign the ticket, prompting police to arrest him. He was taken to the Vista jail, where he served five days.

“We had no idea he was in jail,” said Frank Fuzi, Kevin’s dad. “We didn’t receive a phone call or anything.”

When Fuzi finally came home, his family members said he was “out of his mind. He was naked and he didn’t make any sense.”

“I’ve never seen him like that in all of my life. I couldn’t snap him out of it,” said Mike Fuzi, Kevin’s brother.

Fuzi ran from the house and was later found washed up on an Oceanside beach.

His sudden death shocked his family. The Fuzis want to know what happened to their “level headed” son in jail, and what drove him to insanity.

“Someone is covering this up. That’s how I feel,” Frank Fuzi said.

Oceanside police did not return Fox5’s phone calls about Fuzi’s incarceration and death.



  • Ben There

    When you sign a ticket, you are promising to appear in court to address the violation. If you refuse to sign a promise to appear, the only other option is to go to jail. This is usually explained at the time the ticket is issued. A refusal to sign is typically an indication of someone not in their right mind. What happened in the jail is not controlled by OPD. The Sheriff runs the jails in San Diego County.

    • Right Minded

      Don't state the obvious. Just because someone is refusing to sign a ticket does not mean they aren't in their right mind. You have no idea what the circumstances were of the ticket being given. You are just like any brain washed american that conforms to law, and moo's like the rest. Something is obviously not normal about this story.

      • Fred

        Bottom line is he should have signed the ticket instead of acting like a punk, probably in front of his friends.

        I agree it's sad story but the 25 year old needs to take some responsibility too!

        • Lynn

          It is your right not to sign the ticket and he was no punk you need to apologize to the family for saying that.

        • Gilbert

          The punks were the cops that got their panties in a bunch and threw someone in jail because someone questioned their authority.

  • irateiconoclast

    Refusing to sign is an "indication" of someone who values personal liberty and may object to being subjected to police authoritarianism and its bevy of B U L L S H I T laws, rules, ordinances, regulations and similar GARBAGE! Most likely, the cops abused this kid!

  • dmetalman

    Our system is pretty screwed up .I hope the family wins a wrongful death suit from the OPD and city of Ocsde.

  • Mitch

    Problem is…just a guess…what happened in the Vista facility to someone who was a good looking kid…you don't want to think about it……

  • William Fuzi

    I am his uncle. My name is William Fuzi. He was arrested on Saturday May 4th. He should have been in front of the judge on Monday May 6th, and released, But he wasn't. They didn't take him in front of the judge until Wednesday May 8th. Then they didn't release him from jail until after 9PM. When they released him, they didn't give him any of his personal effects, or his money. They released him with only the cloths on his back. For this I have to ask why? Then when they released him; they called his mother to warn her that he was being released. Why? Did they call her because they knew something was wrong? Jails don't call parents to inform them that their adult son is being released from jail. They release you and you on your own. But that's not what happened. The jail knew something was wrong, and they wanted to make sure they were not responsible, so they made the call to was their hands of the situation. I think they knew something happened to him while he was in jail, and they didn't want to take proper action to ensure his safety.

    • Angela

      I am so sorry for your loss. This is tragic. Both my sons are skateboarders. I think some people have a lot of misconceptions about the boarding community. I hope you are successful in finding out what happened to your nephew, and I hope the parties responsible are held accountable.

    • Sam

      My Heart and prayers go out to you and your other nephews loss. We are down here in the South East county San Diego Area and I would like Your Nephews brother To meet my friend, Kenny Huffman, a skate boarder who was on national Television even the Maury show. His Brother was killed for skateboarding right in front of his eyes down here by a crazy lunatic neighbor for making noise.. so the neighbor took out a rifle and ended his brothers life! We are skateboarders! I'm still outraged over this even though I never knew your nephew personally, Maybe i've brushed sides with him at a famous local skate park down here in San Diego? he looks quiet Familiar. These Down Town city Cops should never issue tickets to Train Travelers! Sports action Pro Skateboard stars who are important to the economy take the same train line! I'm looking into my law book and I want the officer who arrested your nephew out of Law Enforcement and he should feel dead for what he did to your poor nephew I'm so sorry. There is a law for everything in this country and a law against every law as well in this land of hypocrocy, isn't this exciting? I can't believe what they did to your nephew, I'm outraged! I've been thinking about this for days and if your other nephew skateboards, or is in the skateboard community, Let him know our hearts and prayers are out there and that we know nobody can take away the pain of a lost brother! It hurts! and we are brothers down here and not from the bottom, but the very top of our hearts, we are sorry for the loss. We also pray This oppression of skateboarding will finally end once and for all! don't get me wrong, sports action stars use that same train line and get issued tickets quiet frequently, but their sponsers pay for everything and anything when they get in trouble with the law! That's not fare for a skateboarder that is extreemly passionate about skateboarding, who doesn't care to ever go pro, who actually took the time to skate before he jumped on the train. That is a true skate boarder! If he never had a sponsor, he is sponsored and pro In heaven! let me tell you! I want to let you know that the jails of downtown can be hectic at times! and if you guys can talk to the investigators and try to have them see if he was molested, raped by down town city sheriffs or other tenants and to reveal another autopsie. this mistreatment can lead to psycological problems in young men who usually come out of Jail in this naked aggression. I know it sounds illogical, but these sheriffs and officers in Law are criminals and love to do things behind closed doors for city jail tenants, they actually let them govern themselves. It's happened to people I know and there's no way to get these criminals out of law enforcement! I pray to end this by the time i die! the system will be ruled and governed straight from righteousness, the light of Mercy when the true of Heaven of Lumeria has merged this world of Darkness with theirs Once and for all! From the Galactic Alliance of light, the loss of your nephew has reached to the heavens and if the Lord wants change for these people to be free on there skateboards, the cosmic energy of the Lord will do that! Your nephew is in a better place skateboarding with my friends brother in heaven, I guarantee it! All We can do is pray every day that devil doesn't take it all away. Here's our story. It happened years ago, but the pain of our lost brother lingers forever.
      If your Nephews brother, other nephew skates, we wanna reach out! it's just we're getting too old and have Jobs Now, but we'd like to have a day for this skateboarder! Possibly an Event to remember this skater we have yet to meet! A skateboard Company called Osiris reached out to My friend Kenny for the loss of his brother, they Had All the skate pro Legends from the time hold an event for him in Memory at the fashion valley, now clarimont skate park. This happened years ago, but to my buddy Kenny, it all still happened yesterday and we want to help your other nephew with his pain for losing his brother. We have a Mini Ramp in Kennys back yard if he ever wants to come skate or talk, I will pick him up in Ocean Side, bring him down to San Diego to ride around the local skate parks with me and Kenny. He lost his brother to skateboarding Oppression, it sucks and it should be seen in the eyes of every community that bans it, that it could be deadly. Once again, I am so sorry.

  • William Fuzi

    If they had suspicions that he wasn't right in the head, they should have turned him over to a mental health professional, not throw him out on the streets. Also they held him for 5 days so they could make more than the $25 skate boarding ticket. They probably charged him money for every day he spent in jail. That's why they held him until after 9PM so they could charge him for another day of rent in their cell.

    • fred

      i can tell you that you do not pay to be put in jail. My wife is a deputy in SD County jail system, and i can assure you that if they need mental help, they get mental help. The Sherrif's Dept is so worried about covering it's @$$ the deputies almost cant do their job. But hey, maybe vista is different from the other facilities.

  • DavePretty

    While it's all speculation at this point, the two things that immediately come to mind are:

    1. He used (or was coerced to use) some type of narcotic while in detention. If he was a straight laced kid, five days of smoking crystal meth could really do a number on him.

    2. Sexual Assault. There have been numerous studies that show how much of an impact sexual assault has on men. The shame of it happening to him could have drove him over the edge.

    Either way, it's pretty crappy that this happened to him and his family. All over skateboarding.

      • William Fuzi

        His body washed up on the beach on the military base. NCIS did the autopsy, so I'm sure if he had any drugs in his system they would have pointed that out.

  • Michael

    I hate to say it but Mitch is pointing to the right direction. The cops would've thrown him in jail and left him but to abuse a skateboarder, from what I can tell a clean cut one, would be stupidly jeopardizing the department and the arresting officers job for skateboarding. It's skateboarding, I don't think cops still hold that much a grudge. Folks, coopoerate with the police, don't be a vigilante lawyer, get a lawyer, and kids call friends or family with your call, it's not a trip to Disney. I hope they find out what really happened but I'm not seeing a conspiracy by the cops.

    • Lynn

      Well Michael you don't know all the facts so by saying that there is no " conspiracy" by the cops is wrong, I know this family well and for you to even say such a thing is out of line. I know "freedom of speech" BS don't come back at me with that one the family is in turmoil over this and people like you don't need to stick up for the cops I'm sure they can for them selves which they are. So with that in mine the arresting cop just wanted to make an example out of him. Oh yeah where he was arrested there are "NO" posted signs that say "NO SKATEBOARDING OR BIKES" look at the news clip and see for yourself.

  • Julianna

    Oceanside Police is good about returning their calls, I called to complain about an officer once and got called back RIGHT THE NEXT DAY!!!!

    Liability? we don't know. We need more details.

    Poor kid had some sort of trauma! TRAGIC!

    @Dave Petty, you are EXACTLY right.

  • Someone

    just because you don't sign a ticket doesn't mean your not ok in the head. Ive had my run-ins with cops and tickets! Its on the cop's approach!

  • William Fuzi

    I just want to know if the jail was doing some kind of scared strait variation. one of the papers received was signed by the gang squad. Why was he being held by the gang squad? Did they throw him in a holding tank with a bunch of gang bangers? What was the lesson they were trying to teach him? and are they happy with their results?

  • simple Simon

    Remember where it started. No skateboarding on property = no ticket. No ticket = no signature/promise to court. No arguing about signature = no jail time. No jail = no problem with inmates = go home happy= probably still alive.. People , wise up.

    • Right Minded

      Wow, you are really smart to have pointed all those things out. Thank you for that. That still doesn't justify or explain any of the latter happenings. Regardless of the stated facts about him being ticketed and released, there is no clear story here.

    • Tom

      Simon, you are pretty simple aren't you. The cops should look for something useful to do besides dicking around with skateboarders. Like Oceanside doesn't have any real crime? The real crime is how much these lazy cops get paid to not do their jobs.

      • anon

        Couldnt have said it better. Its very troubling knowing these kind of people are supposed to "protect and serve" us.

  • simple Simon

    Exactly. But the facts as pointed out remain the truth, without any other explanation needed.

    • Lynn

      That's just it no one is telling the facts or talking about what happened to Kevin well in custody for 5 days for a BS $25.00 skateboarding ticket. FACT: The cops did not take him in front of the judge on Monday. FACT: Why was he released with just the cloths on his back and not his belongs? FACT: Why did they call his mother when they did release him to say they did when he is a 24 yr old young man if they didn't want to hide or cover there ass's? FACT: Straight laced kid A student not in a "GANG" doesn't do drugs why was he turned over to the GANG SQUAD then put in a "GANG BANGER" holding tank. So "Simple Simon" you don't know the facts so don't assume there is no point for an explanation when I just pointed out 4 FACTS right here? THINK BEFORE YOU POST SOMETHING OH WAIT UNLESS YOUR A COP…………………….

      • simple Simon

        If these are FACTS, that you state, why are they questions? Lynn, you are assuming a whole lot. No where did I deny any of the facts as explained in the article (much info is lacking, as stated) – but I simply suggested that had he not been in error, none of this would have started. That's a fact.

        • Lynn

          Thats just it "you" suggested that had he basically kept his mouth closed he would not have arrested and none of this would have happened to him right simple Simon? At least I stated FACTS you "suggested".

          • simple Simon

            No , actually I am stating it as a fact. Nothing would have happened to him, had not made the intital mistakes of skateboarding on the station, and not signing the ticket, to deal with it later. That's a fact.

      • ...sigh...

        I believe Simon was referencing the article itself, not the person claiming to be the Uncle of the victim. Most of your "facts" were provided by an individual who claims to be someone without that someone being vetted by anyone. Simon has hit it right on the head by saying if he wouldn't have broke the law by skateboarding where he shouldn't have and he would have signed the citation like everyone else does he would have never gone to jail. That's a fact. You can hate the law all you want but why hate the police who enforce it? That's like someone hating you because you did your job and they don't like what your job entails. Not all cops are good and not all cops are bad, neither are people in this society, which is evident by most these posts. But to demonize them is wrong without hearing from them. The victim was 25, I may be wrong, but I am pretty sure the police don't have to call anyone when an adult is arrested. The parents claim their son was "not making any sense" and couldn't be "snapped" out of it. What does that mean? What was he exactly saying that made no sense…to many questions left in this story, but most people have already jumped to the conclusion the police did something wrong without hearing anything else from them. The same police…the same "robots" that are the first persons you call when you need life saving help.

        • Lynn


          • ...sigh...

            You are very angry person and that is unfortunate in any discussion. I personally have never been at the Oceanside Train Station, so I could not state as fact a posted or not posted sign based on the information in this article, I mean your main argument to begin with is Simon failed to argue facts. Secondly because a "sign" isn't posted doesn't mean the law isn't there. The purpose of a citation is to inform you you failed to oblige by a law and here is a fine for your mistake, dispute it legally or pay the fine, that's your option. Ignorance of a law is not a defense. I was always under the impression riding a bicycle and or skateboard was not tolerated on train tracks or station platforms just for safety concerns. Now if I were to ride the train for the first time I would utilize my resources and check the rules and safety regulations for the Metrolink. I have done that now and they state "Rail safety is for everyone, not just drivers. Pedestrians who choose to walk or play around railroad tracks are trespassing on private property and could be fined, seriously injured or killed." I guess the question would be what is the definition of "around railroad tracks", I haven't looked for a definition on that as of yet, but to me it seems the platforms are "around railroad tracks". The website also has an interesting video provided by Operation Lifesaver that indicates Skateboarding is a safety hazard and could possibly fall under the definition of "playing". He was sited for skateboarding and arrested for failure to sign his citation, what part of this is not registering with you? Thousands of people fight citations all the time legally. How hard is it to accept a citation and fight it legally. If it was illegally done it would come out and he would have had a huge law suit. Until the police provide their side of what occurred I can't speak on what poor or good judgement they made in this case. All I know, as you are so fond of, are the facts provided in this article and in the information I personally searched on the Metrolink page. Skateboarding, cited, refused to sign, jail time, released and apparently distraught and then was found dead.

  • innocent tax payer

    cops are just like robots! they don't give a shit. they're just there to collect donations from innocent tax payers by issuing tickets to cover their quota for the day. they have no ears to listen and no hearts to forgive. they're there to ruin your day. they just ruined an innocent boy's life. hope they're happy now.

    • simple Simon

      A lot of opinion there. Sounds like you are a happy person though. And, vocabulary is remarkable.

  • Lynn


    • ...sigh...

      Why would you give some "facts" and not all? If you are so concerned about it being an on going investigation you shouldn't be saying anything or claiming anything as "family fact". Its really sad to see you so upset at Freedom of Speech. If the family and friends are so adamant that they have the truth and the facts about everything they should not be concerned with what anyone has to say about the situation. Secondly they shouldn't be trolling forums and posts to demonize anyone who has a differing opinion about the ARTICLE that is posted. That is what everyone's response is to, the facts presented in the article. Not bits and pieces of information given by someone who claims to have inside knowledge yet refuses to give the full story only a little bit of it.

  • Sasha

    It sucks, but it seems pretty clear what happened.

    Dude was raped in jail. Probably multiple times, with extreme psychological violence and possibly by multiple people. Good looking, physically slim and 'nice,' and there for a week, he was easy prey. Considering the state of modern American penal institutions, it's unlikely this DIDN'T happen.

    Broke him psychologically. Vista jail doesn't give a shit, they're not paid to help anybody. Dump him on the fucking street out of his mind.

    All for a fucking skateboarding ticket these power tripping assholes couldn't get him to sign.

    • simple Simon

      Wow, how cynical and coarse. I would not want to be in your neighborhood or family if I were a law enforcement person or a decent person.

    • ...sigh...

      Where does it say anywhere in this article he was raped? What suggests he was raped? Did I not read the same article and comments? According to the individual who claims to be his Uncle in this post, the victim was released from jail with the clothes on his back and then showed up at the house naked (Article)? No where in the article does it state what the Police said happened on their end because guess what…they don't release partial information because everyone jumps to conclusions.

      All for a skateboarding ticket, which was advising him he broke some law and his "power tripping" response was to resist and not sign a simple ticket and fight the ticket legally like everyone else if he felt it so unjust.

      Cops have a job, to enforce laws of the city, state and federal. They don't make the laws they are paid to enforce them if you break them. If people were judged and ridiculed for enforcing and doing what their jobs paid them to do as much as the police are, I guarantee none of these people would be able to stand the ridicule. Its sad a life was lost and disappointing the conclusions people develop without hearing all the facts and both sides of a story. There are to many possibilities left open and everyone immediately blames the police. Could something have happened before the Skateboarding incident, could he have been on something then, how was his demeanor when he refused to sign, did he resist arrest, could something of happened after he had been released, what was he exactly saying that "made no sense", what does "snapping him out of it" mean….all possibilities to go along with something could have happened in jail, something could have happened that resulted in him being arrested, something could have been done wrong by the Police, what happened when he left his house, who did he run into if anyone….no answers, just questions. Nothing in this article is "clear" other than something was wrong with the victim and an investigation is needed to find out exactly what happened before any blame or culpability can be placed on anyone.

  • Vee

    The Cops messed him up, I've seen and heard it too much in my life to ignore it. All because he didn't submit to their state issued, hell hounds of the government authoritarianism!

  • John

    Thinking about my Marine Brother William Fuzi and the tragic loss of his family member. The constant issues of corruption, abuse of power and police brutality of the Oceanside Police Department has to end….. It's my hope that the Naval Investigative Service hammers home the facts surrounding the arrest, and incarceration without due process or charges other than a $25.00 "SKATE BOARDING" citation. Kevin Fuzis nude body floated up onshore at Camp Pendleton….. All his personal effects were at the jail…. And as usual, Oceanside PD has no answers for the family.
    My prayers are with you and yours Bill. Much love and respect, Brother.
    Semper Fi.

  • Peter Whitley

    I am an adult skateboarder that frequently skates at and around the train station. I live in that neighborhood. Although it may or may not be relevant, I am in my 40s, Caucasian, employed (white collar), and educated. I am involved in my community, sit on a local government commission, and participate in positive, local political actions. I work with to empower youth through skateboarding and skatepark advocacy. By most accounts, I am a person that is least likely to be hassled by law enforcement for minor infractions. When I am talked to by police for skateboarding, I am prepared to do what needs to be done to prevent getting a fine. I have never been arrested.

    HOWEVER, when I am talked to by police for skateboarding, it is usually a tense and antagonistic encounter. I sincerely believe that skateboarding youth are treated more severely that those guilty of similarly minor infractions. The local skateboarding ordinance is enforced inconsistently, and you can easily find people riding skateboards all over downtown and along the beach, yet there seems little equity in enforcement. I occasionally see youth incarcerated, (at least in handcuffs), for skating where they shouldn't be… while a block away others casually skate by police without issue. I've experienced this directly, and have been told by police that "most skateboarders are criminals," and that if I am caught skateboarding again "it means that you don't respect my authority." This approach to enforcement of an ordinance that is—in the broader context of law enforcement—more about nuisance and public comfort than of public safety, often amplifies an encounter that, if handled more appropriately to the scale of offense, could easily be defused. Some police, through their heavy-handed treatment of skateboarding youth, help create an environment of resistance.

    It's difficult to know if Kevin's encounter with police could have gone a different direction. It would not surprise me if the police communicated their expectations in a way that Kevin would have been naturally inclined to reject, and NOT signing a ticket could easily be understood by someone as an act of defiance in the face of the perceived injustice of the ticket. The situation was escalated and I wonder why.

  • william Fuzi

    A bit of an update. The autopsy came back and there were absolutely no drugs in his system. There was unexplained bruising on his body. The bruising could not have happened after his death, because the heart needs to be pumping for a bruise to form. Other than that no one is answering any questions. If any attorneys read this, some guidance would be appreciated. He was being held by the gang squad.

  • VCJ NoMore

    I know exactly what happened.. I was not there, but I did experience something that would make you understand exactly, with precision, you may be interested in hearing.

  • Raymond

    I was his manager at mcdonalds years ago. Great kid, non violent not into drugs. So many memories of him. Shocked he passed away.

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