‘Redneck Crazy’ popular on radio

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There’s a new song on the radio, that quite frankly, makes me giggle.  “Redneck Crazy” performed by newcomer Tyler Farr–that’s it–that’s the one!

What is it about this song that just makes me want to sing my heart out (and I’m sooo tone deaf!)  After a little thought it came to me—who wouldn’t want that kind of passion in life or in a relationship?  Ok, I don’t mean “get up throw punches” kind of passion-yelling or screaming or insulting.  No, that’s not it.

Speaking only as a woman who happens to be born a fire sign—yes a Leo—I think drama and passion are just embedded in my blood.  So, a little here and there sprinkled in my mundane life keeps me energized.

This song is about a man upset after finding out his girlfriend has left him and chosen another man–basically, the guy’s heart is broken by this girl.  Upset and angry and understandably heartbroken this guy threatens to shine his trucks headlights into their house and warns that he will knock on the door at 3 a.m.   Okay granted, some of what’s mentioned is definitely illegal and arrest worthy and if it happens more than once–it’s harassment.  I don’t condone bad behavior at all.

I happen to get a kick out of this song and the title “Redneck Crazy” because when hearing this song I can completely envision the whole overnight scenario.  Having grown up around some country folk, and had my heart broken by a country boy myself, I just completely get this song.

They have some fun with the video–check it out.

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