Marijuana dispensaries reopen in San Diego

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SAN DIEGO – Several marijuana dispensaries have popped up in San Diego and the city isn’t doing anything about it.

Around 25 dispensaries have opened in the past few months, including 10 in Pacific Beach.

Mayor Bob Filner and City Council have been working on an ordinance to zone these types of shops, but nothing has been made official yet.

Marijuana dispensaries reopen in SDScott Chipman of San Diegans for Safe Neighborhoods has filed complaints with the city, but the neighborhood code compliance department has stayed silent.

“It’s a very disturbing thing to see the city allow more and more of these stores to open without any enforcement,” said Chipman.

“Selling marijuana is not a legal grey area. Selling marijuana is illegal by state and federal law and that’s what these stores are doing,” Chipman said. “They are basically drug dealers operating in our business districts.”

City Attorney Jan Goldsmith told Fox5 his hands are tied.

Goldsmith’s office shutdown more than 100 dispensaries in the past two years, but hasn’t prosecuted a dispensary case since January after Filner stopped enforcing the zoning laws.

“It’s sort of like having a speed limit, but no police officers to enforce it,” Goldsmith said.

“This mayor has decided not to refer them. The City Council has directed him three times to refer cases to us and he has refused. In many cases it is between city council and the mayor,” Goldsmith added. “We’ll do our job.”


  • Bill Edwards


    • Good_Move

      See what happens when you don't toke, you turn into a spazz like Bildo Edwads above. ^

      The dark ages are over and the 21st century is here. Don't end up all angry and out of touch like Bildo, let the sick have their medicine. Thankyou. = )

    • chris

      This isn't YOUR city, it's the PEOPLE'S city, and they have VOTED to allow these shops so that ailing people have a safe and reliable place to get a substance that genuinely helps them. They are not drug dealers, they must check your card to assure a doctor has prescribed this drug, and they are not allowed to operate for profit. These shop keepers are risking everything, including jailtime, because they CARE.

  • ryan

    I am the CEO of the store they are posting all over the news!! I am sure we will get raided soon but they cannot stop the movement and what the people want!!

    • <?>Unnamed

      Of course they'll raid you, you're a sitting target for the agents. Heaven forbid they go solve the violence on the streets and white collar crime in corporations, that takes too much effort on their part. They're probably paid by the alcohol /tobacco industry under the table to take out the competition especially one that helps heal people's pain. Not that I've ever heard of medicinal cigarettes or vodka (if there is such a thing.)

      Keep up the good work ryan, you have allies in the blogs for sure.

  • Dave

    Do people stumble out if these establishments, late at night, hooting and a hollering, then getting in their cars and driving intoxicated. . Show statistics in comparison with those coming from a medical marijuana dispensary.

    Who does this support?…. I’ll read it and you read it. And each report on what we find. Deal?

    Who’s it hurting? What’s the reason behind it?

    Are you willing. To actually unsolder stand.

    • <?>Unnamed

      Hey Dave, ever notice in news articles that talk about alcohol the word "abuse" is used.
      And in articles that talk about marijuana the word "use" is used.
      Kinda strange how that works out.

  • guest

    Just stop it with all the "sick patient" nonsense. I know 5 people with medical marijuana cards and their all healthy as horses. Tell your doctor you have an earache and you can get a medical marijuana card. Call a spade, a spade and just admit that you that you simply want to get stoned and buy your weed with convenience.

    • smutco

      The argument that the CUA & the MMP don't help sick people is patent hogwash. The fact that "healthy" (as diagnosed by a person with no medical degree) does not mean that there aren't sick people who benefit, and who will suffer more than needed if we adopted the pathetic argument of form over substance as espoused by the guy above posting anonymously.

      A person has to be brain dead to believe that the dispensaries are the only place in town to buy medicinal cannabis.

      76% of doctors say they think that cannabis is a valid medicine.

      I don't understand why people fight this reality so. Are you really so small that you'd prefer that the sick suffer rather than you know where some people buy their pot? Because that's the one and only thing you would get if the MMP vanished without a trace at 9 AM tomorrow.

  • Jose79845

    Stop worrying about pot shops and go drone some more Muslims. There's plenty of innocent civilians to target without going after pot smokers.

  • Bud Daily

    San Jose has nearly 100 medical marijuana dispensaries & yet there hasn't been one report of "pot" crazed zombies terrorizing America's tenth largest city ! The law says that physicians can recommend marijuana for any malady for which the patient believes it will provide relief & that obviously doesn't set the bar very high. If you don't like the law start another initiative to change it (good luck with that with legalization coming soon),but in the meantime we're entitled to "safe & legal access" to our medication – whether you like it or not !

  • Richard Nixon

    Legalize Nature!!! Accept an organic plant that has incredible health benefits!!! I wasted trillions of dollars imprisoning my fellow Americans over a plant that never had a death from its use in reported history.

  • Jim

    All you people that vote no on MMJ – its all because you have been lied to by law makers about marijuana. It has helped me and many others with their health issues. Unfortunately anyone can get a MMJ card and I do agree new guidelines need to be set-up by the state of CA – not the by feds. And its too bad our last mayor sold out the patients who need it. Many thing MMJ will do for you when taken correct – Ingestion – will naturally adjust your medibalic rate so you will lose weight – I lost 60 lbs in 3.5 months without diet and exercise. I was losing my hair and and going grey – My hair got thicker and lost the grey – If this stuff was to go legal it would effect the medical industry – I have a friend that is working with the state of CA helping kids with ADHD and it works by ingesting the oil.

  • Progressive420

    Colorado and Washington just legalized it for recreational use and did you notice the economy there is unchanged, crime unchanged, not much of a change there. All that MJ hater hype for nothing. California and Oregon are next to lock in the west coast, time for the haters to move away.

  • Unknown

    If i need to smoke marijuana for my cancer or what ever…I sure would hate to have to go find a drug dealer to get it from…It could be a very unsafe environment….thats just encouraging for drug dealers. Think about that.!


    Hey guys try out & miss high

    Both of these websites are on the same blogging system as FOX 5 is.

  • J

    If you actually NEED weed for legit medical purposes, fine. Unfortunately, 90% of those with cards don’t actually have medical issues. Cards are easy to buy from Doctors, so nearly every stoner I know has one. I only know one person with REAL medical issues.
    Addicts want you to think weed is harmless. Kids don’t jump straight into hard drugs, they get comfortable using drugs with weed first. Then steadily use harder and harder drugs. “Stoned” people cause accidents, commit crimes, are in gangs ; etc. Not just innocent, peaceful, and law abiding citizens like they claim. I used drugs for many years, so one persons eyes advocates can’t pull the wool over are mine.

  • J

    I know, it’s getting bad. I took my Mother to get her medical stuff not too long ago. The whole time I was waiting outside for her I kept getting approached by “patients” leaving the dispensary. Everyone that talked to me tried to sell me their “medicine”. Funny how that works.


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