Book about King-Dubois murders signed by killer for sale

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Chelsea King and Amber DuboisSAN DIEGO — A San Diego-based auction site Wednesday was selling for $275 a copy of a true crime book signed by imprisoned rapist and murderer John Albert Gardner III, sparking outrage from at least one of his young victim’s mother.

The book, “Lost Girls,” was written by former U-T San Diego reporter Caitlin Rother about the February 2009 rape and murder of 14-year-old Escondido High student Amber Dubois and the rape and murder of 17-year-old Poway High student Chelsea King a year later.

Gardner, 34, apparently signed the book while in prison, writing “I’m sorry for all the pain that I have caused.” The inscription is positioned opposite to a page in which the author dedicates the book to the girls.

North Park artist Kelly Hutchinson owns, which deals in “murderabilia.” He guarantees its authenticity and told U-T San Diego that he traded with another dealer for the book.

State prison officials are investigating how the book got into the prison to be signed and out again.

“I think it’s disgusting,” Amber’s mother, Carrie McGonigle, told U-T San Diego in a reference to the $275.

lost girls bookThe book itself, which goes for $6.29 on Amazon, also has been condemned by both McGonigle and the King family.

Rother told the newspaper that the placement of the inscription was “particularly insensitive and disrespectful” to the families.

Gardner, a registered sex offender long before his killed the girls, is serving two consecutive life prison terms without parole for the murders. He also was sentenced to 25 years to life for attacking a 22-year-old jogger two months prior to killing Chelsea, and received an additional 24 years because of various prior convictions.



  • chance rose

    this is bullshit, this son of a bitch kills to girls and then get paid for it, why is this mother fucker still alive,

  • papasaal

    I agree with the above comment bur also would hope that anyone associated with this book choke on any blood money that is made. These families and this community has suffered enough from this trash drawing breath. His ability to be able to commit these crimes is an indictment of our justice system that allows these kinds of animals loose on society

  • dmetalman

    California is a state which protects scumbag murderers and rapist while defending abortion (murder of innocent babies) How out of whack is this? Our fearless leaders also enable the gun toting criminals by restricting law abiding folks from defending themselves. The Pro-Death State welcomes all criminal elements to visit and enact havoc and offers free room and board. We are pro-death for violence but won't enforce the death penalty that our voters approved.

    • Jerk

      I think they should have a work-release program for murderers and rapists where they can work as abortion doctors. It would fit nicely in your view of our pro-death state.

      • dmetalman

        As far as I am concerned,abortionist are criminals.Doctors take a hippocratic oath "to do no harm".

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