Man accused of leaving son at crash arrested

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SAN DIEGO – Authorities arrested the man suspected of leaving behind his injured 4-year-old son after crashing a truck on Interstate 5.

Angelo Fabiani Arroyo, 40, was taken into custody by California Highway Patrol officers Tuesday at 2:55 p.m. in Imperial Beach, CHP said.

Arroyo was booked into the San Diego County Jail.  He faces hit and run and child endangerment charges.

The suspect was hauling a small water-craft trailer south with a 2004 Nissan Titan when he lost control near Rosecrans Street shortly after 8 p.m. Sunday, according to the California Highway Patrol.

TAngelo Fabiani Arroyohe truck hit a guardrail and a palm tree before coming to rest on its side on top of a concrete retaining wall above Jefferson Street, CHP Officer Tommy Doerr said.

According to the CHP, the driver got out of the pickup and unsuccessfully tried to pull out the boy, who was strapped in a child safety seat. The man then re-entered the damaged pickup and freed his son, who fell about 10 feet onto a concrete and dirt sidewalk below, according to Doerr. The man then ran off to the north.

“I saw him up on the embankment,” said Chloe Stempeski, who lives in the area. “Then, I saw him take off down Jefferson.”

Witnesses tended to the bloodied child prior to the arrival of medics, who took him to Rady Children’s Hospital for treatment of serious head trauma and other injuries.

Authorities searched for the fugitive motorist by ground and air for about three hours but were unable to find him.


    • Whitey McWhite

      In southern ca we assume every brown person is a Mexican. In New England they assume every brown person is Puerto Rican. I assume they are all dangerous!

    • Note2Administrator

      If you adjust the settings on IntenseDebate to display a 'Report' feature under each comment and adjust that to instant delete, race baiting comments like this won't last long under your articles.

  • esco

    That's great news, time for Angelo to to face the music. He better have a good reason which he won't.

  • tatoguapo

    Idiotic comments like those by "Anom" are what make the comment sections of most sites a stinky cesspool.

  • Michael

    So sad an adult would leave a small, scared child and run off. That is a coward! There are no excuses and any type of explanation is just that, a cowardly excuse!

    • extra info

      Actually the child was in critical condition by the time Arroyo fled from the scene. That most likely wouldn't have been if he didn't unstrap the child from the safety seat which was at a dangerous angle. He should have waited for assistance from somebody but he wasn't thinking straight for some reason to be determined.

      • LadyLeo

        Perhaps it was the fact that he rolled his vehicle and could have gotten a concussion, or maybe while he was a Marine in Special Ops something happened and he suffers from PTSD, and maybe, just maybe, the site of his son with his head split open on the ground after he slipped from his very own hands was enough to push him into madness!
        I don't know…but as a parent, I think I would lose my mind if I accidently did that to my child…

  • Diegoprodigy

    It's a shame people make this about race. This was just a cowardly act by a person more worried about himself than a 4 year old. That's horrible no matter what race the person is. Just saying…..

  • Mom

    Race? Reall ppl. The story is about a person a father who put his 4 year old in a terrible accident. My prayer go out to the child because he is innocent and completely defenceless. The father is a coward! And should not have this child in possession ever! Could be worst the second time around. Poor Lil 4year old. It’s good to know there are ppl out there that will do the right thing to help that child. Hugs n kisses Lil guy

  • Dude that cares

    @Mom …. naw look at his name .. it definitely cries hispanic/latino, it's obvious. Poor kid, hope he pulls through okay and isn't too scarred by what happened.

  • SoyMexicanaYque

    Poor baby.. I wonder how he is doing? Would the hospital give out information about his well-being to non-family members? I just feel so sad for him and would like him to know that even if he was left alone, he is not.

  • anonymous

    Ok last time I checked a Marine is trained to not leave one of his fellow men to die, wouldn’t his own son fall into that category? You people who defend this monster are probably the ones who have been covering up his alcoholism and enabling him, he has more than 3 priors, only a heartless felon would run knowing he was going to go to prison. He probably was a good dad when he was sober but this night the bottle and prison were more important than his son dying.

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