Suspected DUI head-on crash hurts 3

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ambulanceAccidentDOWNTOWN SAN DIEGO — Three people were hurt Wednesday– two of them with life- threatening injuries — in a head-on crash near downtown San Diego caused by drunken driving, authorities said.

The crash on northbound Interstate 5 at Fifth Avenue was reported just before 2 a.m., according to the California Highway Patrol. One of the drivers was arrested on suspicion of drunken driving, the CHP reported.

Paramedics took one person to UCSD Medical Center and one to Scripps Mercy Hospital, a San Diego fire-rescue dispatcher said, adding both patients suffered life-threatening injuries. A third person was taken to Scripps with non-life threatening injuries.


  • Guest

    As sad as it sounds, hopefully it will be the drunk driver with life threatening injuries, but sadly it is always the innocent drivers in these incidents (no, it is NOT a accident driving drunk) that are hurt.

  • Ken

    No accident these days is an accident. Whether it be drinking, texting or using the phone. I am on the fence on whether I would rather contend with drunks or adolesents texting and talking on the phone while driving…

  • Brenda

    My niece is one of the innocent victims of this accident. She has to go through many operations – one of them to try and save her arm. Pray for her.

    • Ryan

      My family is praying for her as well. We also know one of the victims and are very shaken up by this I hope she is alright.

      • Brenda

        She will not be alright for quite some time. It will be a long, long recovery ahead of her. Thank you for praying for her.

      • Brenda

        Don't know they type of car he had. I haven't seen any news updates on the web. I'm in Illinois. I do know that the drunk forever changed the lives of two innocent victims and today I found out the 31 year old bastard with two prior DUI convictions – posted bail.

  • Brenda

    31 year old DUI driver makes bail for $10,000 that mommy and daddy paid for . ..
    As of today, my niece is waiting the fate if she will be able to keep her arm. Her pelvis had to be rebuilt with a rod and pins and she can't walk for 12 weeks. The bones in her face and chin need operations. Her knee cap was rebuilt and operated on. She will need months and months or years of therapy. She will forever be a changed woman. She is being fed through a feeding tube inserted through her nose and today she was able to sip some broth through a straw because she cannot use her mouth or jaw. I think I left out an operation or two. There has been no news updates through Fox that I could find on the web. Someone needs to follow up on this story and speak to the parents of the victims that cannot speak for themselves at the present time. This story needs to be kept alive so this guy will not walk away from this with a slap on the wrist. This is his 3rd DUI.

    • anonymous

      I couldn't agree more. If this is the same guy, myself and another gentlemen did our best to remove him from his car and he sped off before we could acquire his keys. I called 911 directly there after hoping that he would be picked up before anyone got hurt. The day after I got a call from CHP and went down to do a photo line up to identify this guy. My heart goes out to the families of the victims please send our love and blessings!!!

      • Brenda

        Thank you for your love and blessings.
        We just found out the DUI driver has no insurance. My niece had a fever today so they could not operate on her eye socket, reconstruct her cheek bone and other facial bones and her chin. They found out her other arm is broken and because some swelling went down, they found our her front teeth are gone. The arm that is bad is still questionable if they can save it. Still waiting on that news.

          • Brenda

            Thank you for offering. My brother, the father of the victim would appreciate your continued blessings and prayers. He is really suffering for his daughter. She's having another surgery this afternoon. Yesterday the facial reconstruction surgery to fix bones and other problems was 10 hours.

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