Man steals cockatoo from woman’s shoulder

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OCEANSIDE, Calif. – A Temecula woman is reaching out to the public Tuesday to help find her $3,000 cockatoo that was stolen right off her shoulder.

Katie Aldrich and her cockatoo

Katie Aldrich and her cockatoo

Katie Aldrich was smoking outside the Haunted Head, a pirate bar in Oceanside, Monday evening when a man in a red Ford F150 pulled up and grabbed the Salmon-crested cockatoo from her.

The man jumped into his truck and pulled away, she said.  Aldrich’s husband attempted to stop the driver, but was unsuccessful.

The cockatoo has blue around his eyes, a broken toenail and a bump on the back of his upper left shoulder.  Aldrich said the bird does not have a metal ring around his ankle.stolen cockatoo

Anyone with information about the bird should contact the Oceanside Police Department.


  • Fred

    They didn't get the license number???

    Sounds like an insurance scam or something more that what they are saying!

  • Kelli Aldrich

    Um no this is my little sister and it is not a scam. Not even sure how you even got to that conclusion as there is no insurance on the bird at all. The only thing she wants is Soloman back. We are waiting on footage from the security camera at the haunted head to provide the license plate information. The man was talking to her as many do when they see Soloman and grabbed him and took off. The truck he got into was waiting at the end of the street. Instead of immediately being judgmental how about you try to help get the word out there so we can get him back.

    • roxy and barry webb

      kelly…best of luck and hope to you and your sister…we are praying soloman a safe and speedy recovery…my little roxy went missing for 107 days and with prayer, a lot of flyers and not giving up, we reunited…does soloman have a chip implant?….no need to reply, we will keep watching fox 5 for updates…

      • Kelli Aldrich

        no he doesn't unfortunately. He has scoliosis and a spinal dysfunction so we are praying that the man who took him is caught asap. Thank you for your prayers!

  • Paul

    First off, I never condone taking anyone else's property. That's just wrong. Secondly, why would you take your bird to a bar? There is strange people out there. I would never put my beloved pet in harms way.

  • Guest

    I'm with Kristen… I hope the bird is ok but its hard to feel motivated to help an owner who who would leave the bird on her shoulder while SMOKING.

  • DFM

    Maybe she would like a replacement? I know someone who has a bird just like this and it is the most obnoxious, useless, pathetic animal I have ever seen. It is completely unnatural to keep a bird in a cage, or even in a house, for that matter and I hope the thing is better off.

  • kelli

    God bless you and Solomon. I hope u find each other again. People are cruel sometimes so don’t worry u know in your heart you loved him. It isnot your fault someone saw the opportunity to take advantage of you. I pray that all will be OK.

  • chent

    I am I am sympathetic to your loss and do hope you get your bird back, but I also hope that if you do get him back that you refrain from parading him around in public and smoking with him on your shoulder. I wish you luck in finding him. I'm sure he's very confused wondering where you are.

  • Ace

    very sad…anyone who has ever owned a cockatoo or parrot knows the bond that is formed with these birds is very strong, I know that bird is miserable right now. Hopefully it bit the idiot that stole him and someone returns it.

  • Bill

    As usual, criminal = complete idiot. More Cockatoos are put up for adoption by their owners than any other parrot. Mickaboo had stopped accepting cockatoos the last time I looked. Cockatoos usually bond with their owner, and can be very difficult for others to keep. I have owned a Cockatoo for the last 13 years.

    • chent

      You are so right! Cockatoos are THE most complex and challenging birds to own, and rescues are overrun with them. Unless that thief is a bird expert, he is a complete FOOL to have taken that bird.

      Katie I hope you get him back (and quit smoking–it's not good for you, and especially not for the bird!).

  • Me

    I really hope Soloman comes home to you safe and sound. People here have been really cruel…I’m sure this girl has already thought “if only I hadn’t brought him to the bar”…or “if only I quit smoking”…I do hope you quit smoking, especially around your bird…his lungs are teeny tiny and smoke is even worse for them than it is for us. I’m sure you’ll do the right thing WHEN your baby comes home. Good luck…and I hope the cops let you beat the hell out of these bastards WHEN they find them. Assholes!

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