Parents of suspended students speak out

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SCRIPPS RANCH, Calif. – Several parents of the Scripps Ranch High students, who were suspended for a suggestive dancing video, spoke out for the first time Thursday.

Four parents, who remained unidentified for the protection of their daughters, broke their silence Thursday about what they said is unfair and unjust treatment of their girls. Their daughters were four of the 28 girls who appeared in the now well-known Scripps Ranch “twerking” video.

Screen Shot 2013-05-16 at 5.20.03 PM“We just feel compelled to share the real story,” said one parent.

“There just hasn’t been a voice for the girls,” said a mother.

“Not one of them was interviewed before the mass suspension was decided,” said another mother.

Three boys and 28 girls were suspended no matter what part a student had in the video. A parent said students of the multi-media class told their daughters the video was part of the “Falcon-Five” school newscast.

“My daughter was pulled out of class, the teachers gave her permission to leave,” said the parent.

The parents also said “twerking” was also already part of the school culture.

“They’ve seen in school sanctioned pep rallies, power puff football games,” said the parent.

It is a fight they’re now waging against the high school principal and the school district, only to find it’s a losing battle.

“It’s been really clear – by what we’re getting back from the administration – that they are for themselves and not for the girls,” said one mother.

“It’s about the reputation of Scripps Ranch High School and if they didn’t use the name would we still be here?  I don’t’ think so,” said another parent.

They’re now working to appeal the charges, but said it’s a process that could take anywhere from six to eight months.

One parent pointed out the resolution could come after some of the girls start college.

“Scholarships are already in jeopardy, because you have to be within good standing.  A suspension isn’t good standing,” said a parent.

They can only hope the principal will reverse the suspension.  For now, there’s a bigger worry, getting through high school.

“I mean they’re forever marked from this as the ‘twerking team’ and it’s really unfair,” said one mother through tears.

“We want to be done with this,” said a father.  “Could you please remove the sexual harassment charges from our kids records and let’s just move on? That’s what we’re asking for.”

Fox 5 contacted the school district as well as the school principal, but we were told no comments will be made Thursday.


    • Curious

      I'm not saying it wasn't sexual harassment, there are other codes for suspension like a major or minor disturbance, maybe it could be changed to that but it looks like the parents want it gone from their school record.

  • Idiots

    I am just curious…how do you defend your child as being honorable and "in good standing" if they are willing to stand on their hands and shake their butt in the air for someone who didn't express the "intent" of their video? What do you think someone was going to do when he asked them to do those things? They would have said no? I doubt it. Stay Classy girls…and these parents I see where they get it from.

  • Lilly-Sakura

    ROFL I knew it , I knew a stupid black thug was behind all of this. And the girls are no better, oh wellm thats what they get, now they gave to deal with it

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