1 dead in head-on crash on residential street

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South Bay Fatal Crash

At least one person was killed Thursday in a head-on collision on Coronado Avenue near 27th Street.

SAN DIEGO — One person was killed and another injured Thursday in a head-on collision on a residential street in the South Bay, authorities said.

The fatal collision was reported at 8:43 a.m. in the 2600 block of Coronado Avenue near 27th Street, San Diego police said.

Helicopter video showed an overturned silver Ford Contour in the center of Coronado Avenue. The entire rear of the vehicle was cover with yellow tarps, indicating that a body remained in the vehicle.

A black four-door Toyota Camry with a smashed front end had come to rest partially on the sidewalk.

According to investigators, a 20-year-old woman was driving the Ford eastbound on Coronado Avenue when she crossed over into the westbound lanes and smashed into the Camry. The driver of the Ford died at the scene. A woman driving the Camry was taken to UCSD with minor injuries.

Police closed Coronado Avenue between 27th Street and Dearborn Drive during the investigation.


  • j12karlos

    I live next to it and I just saw the police crew and news there it was a sad picture. it looked to me that when the car tried to merge into the lane the other thought it was going to hit it made a sudden move to the left and hit the incoming car and that's how they crashed im just saying its what it looked to me

  • Jason Bonn

    I was there as well when it happened. Heard a huge boom and ran outside with a fire extinguisher and called 911. But a ER ambulance was already there. I'm assuming they were passing on by and witnessed it happen in front of them. I took a lot of pictures of the scene. So Terrible. :-(

  • John Swanson

    I live right around the corner…one thing I notice is that many people speed down that street in both directions, right past the police station! It may be that speed was a factor in this accident. It was just a matter of time until something bad happened, as fast as those cars go.

    Many times I have seen the police cruisers just sitting north bound at that light on 27th, watching people zoom by in both directions on Coronado Avenue. Then, the cops zoom off, and do nothing about the speeders!

    • Julie

      I said to my daughter this morning on the way to school, "It's a 35 mph street, how can an accident be bad enough to close down the whole road going both directions!?" And pondered that maybe a pedestrian was hit. Then this afternoon I saw how much blood is out there in the street — it must have been terrible!

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