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A Weekend at the Movies

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Iron Mothers Day

Happy Mother’s Day

The weekend at the movies was a rather odd one. I was surprised that Iron Man 3 made $72.5 million, when it was released a week earlier. How did it top The Great Gatsby? Gatsby made $51 million (the movie cost an astounding $150 million to make). I was sure it would be the top grossing movie this weekend not only because it just opened and there was lots of buzz about it – but last weekend was about taking mothers out? We go to brunch and then take them to a movie. Okay, you might not normally take mom to a movie, but when it’s as hot as it’s been lately – it makes it one time you don’t mind those $13 movie tickets and $7 sodas. You at least get to sit there and enjoy their air conditioning.

Pain and Gain came in third making $5 million. It’s a shame that all three of these movies were disappointing.

I’m hoping people didn’t drag their wives and mothers to the casting call for Anchorman 2 at HazardCenter in MissionValley. It would’ve been a hazard standing in that heat, just to be turned away by 11:00 a.m. On Fox5, a reporter said people started lining up at 6:00 a.m. My guess is, there were a lot of people that probably didn’t “stay classy” when they were sent away.

It was a bit worse for folks at a movie theater in Jefferson City, Missouri Friday night. Somebody walked in to a showing of Iron Man 3 dressed in black, with body armor, and carrying a rifle. Remember, at that shooting in a Colorado theater, it was also at a super hero movie – The Dark Knight Rises.

As the frightened moviegoers called 911, the management of the Capital 8 Theaters had to explain: No, this is just an actor we hired.

Other actors they hired appeared dressed as officers, and one as Iron Man. Perhaps if the Iron Man character showed up in the theatre first, the crowd would’ve been expecting guns to pop out during this entertainment that ended up being an epic fail.

anchorman USE

Move along, move along. Nothing to see here.

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