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Boy rescues elderly woman from burning home

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CARLSBAD, Calif. – An elderly woman was rescued from an upstairs window of her burning home in Carlsbad Monday by the quick thinking of a 12-year-old boy.

Firefighters were called to the 6500 block of Carte La Paz at 6:30 a.m. as smoke billowed from an 80-year-old woman’s home.

carlsbad fireJohn Shearin and his son Matt were in their garage across the street when the fire started.

“Smokes coming out the top and it’s like ‘Oh God,’” the 12-year-old said. “I hear this woman yelling, ‘Fire! Help me!’ and I look and I see her hanging out the window.”

Carlsbad Battalion Chief Mike Davis said the elderly woman was dangling from the upstairs window “she was in a position that she wouldn’t survive.”

While John ran back home and told his wife to call 911, 12-year-old Matt grabbed a ladder and leaned it up against the woman’s garage.

“I went under the bush, because debris flying everywhere. [The woman] had burns on her and blood,” he said. “I was like this lady’s hurt. We have to get her out.”

Another neighbor climbed the ladder held by Matt and brought her down to safety.

“I’m proud of Matt,” John said adding that he was glad his son knew what to do and didn’t hesitate. “He was calm and he was aggressive and he took control and helped out and was very fearless.”

Cody Wickoiffe owns the property and was grateful the neighbor’s rescued the woman. Although, he said he had served an eviction notice to a woman who was living in the home with her elderly mother.

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  • Allison

    Now that is a son to be proud of! Great job Matt….we need more kids out there like you!!!!

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