Red-light runner caused fatal crash, police say

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EL CAJON, Calif. — A woman was killed Friday morning when her car was broadsided by a another driver who ran a red light, police said.

Fatal Crash in El CajonThe crash happened shortly before 6:24 a.m. in the intersection of Mollison and Washington avenues, investigators said. A  black Acura Integra traveling westbound on Washington did not stop for a red light and slammed into a silver Chevy Sonic that was crossing Washington on Mollison on the green light, according to witnesses.

The Chevy was pushed down Washington by the impact and overturned. The 36-year-old woman driver was not wearing a seatbelt and died from her injuries at the scene, police said.

The 43-year-old man driving the Honda was injured at taken to a local hospital. His injuries did not appear to be life-threatening, police said.

Both drivers were El Cajon residents. Their names were not released.


  • JMurphy

    Wasn't this an intersection that used to have a red light camera? Yes it is because I got a red light ticket there when the cameras were in use. If the camera was still in use could this have been prevented? I don't think so because when you go through a red light you aren't thinking about what is in front of you. Just my opinion…yours may differ.

  • Mickey

    So was it a black Acura or a Honda? You said the black Acura was driving and broadsided the Chevy Sonic, then you mention a 43 year old in a Honda. Don’t you on guys proof read things before posting?

    • gbshaun

      It is a bit sloppy, but actually Acura is just the name Honda uses for its top-of-the-line vehicles. Kind of like saying it's a GM, and later calling it a Cadillac.

  • Dan

    What race was the driver who crashed into the poor lady? If it was a Chaldean then of course. I live in El Cajon and its getting worse. I can't tell you how many times I have been cut off and almost broad sided by those twits. IT sounds racist (I know) but its the damn truth. "Those people" don't care about ANYTHING other than themselves.

    • Fred

      I live in El Cajon and totally agree.

      They will cut you off and then give you a dirty look for being so close.

      Mini Baghdad!!!!!

      • Tammy

        I agree with you 100%.. They don't know how to drive. I wonder if it has anything to do with the EC DMV and them giving a CDL to people who didn't even pass the test?? This just makes my blood boil.

  • gbshaun

    I don't know if it was a suitable intersection for one, but these are the accidents that are almost completely removed when roundabouts are used instead of traffic lights. Plus you don't have to sit there waiting when it's safe to proceed.

  • ron

    Another fucking moron!! Hope he gets life in prison!! Who still isnt wearing a GD seatbelt??? Comeon!

  • Fred

    I understand that the fucker tried to fight the first responders when they got there… I say rap it up and pull the plug.

  • Johnny

    That’s what we get for bringing all these immigrants to this country, El Cajon is 100% Chaldeans, nothing against Chaldeans, but they don’t know how to drive to save their life. Most of them drive without a driver’s license, they cut you off and speed all the time thinking they are still in Iraq. This is America, we have traffic rules and laws here and I suggest you start following them. I know couple of them that have a Driver’s License and they said they never stepped foot in the DMV office. Now you tell me how is that possible. Little Baghdad my ass. They driver Lexus, BMV, and Mercedes and I see them all the time at stores using Welfare/Food Stamp Cards. Again it’s our fault not theirs for allowing this to happen.

  • richard

    people are still going to run red lights regardless of a camera or not.people just don't pat attention anymore.

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