Teen arrested after Escondido school lock down

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ESCONDIDO, Calif. — A 911 caller’s bogus claim about a gunman roaming Escondido High School Thursday prompted an hourlong lockdown of the campus and left a teenage boy under arrest on suspicion of reporting a false emergency.

A person who would not give his name made the emergency call about 10 a.m., according to police.

high school lock downStudents and staffers were kept in classrooms and offices while officers fanned out across the campus. Authorities gave an all-clear shortly after 11 a.m., and the school returned to normal operations, Capt. Michael Loarie said.

Detectives then began looking for the perpetrator.

“They developed leads and began to focus on a juvenile they believed was involved in the original call,” Loarie said. “It became apparent that there never was a man on the campus with a gun and that the original caller had made the story up.”

Investigators tracked down the 17-year-old suspect at his home and took him into custody shortly after 4 p.m., Loarie said.

The arrestee’s name was withheld because he is a minor.


  • Pat Bateman

    The next new fad- SWATting schools. If I were a scumbag teenager, or even a kid who needed another day to study for a test, I'd be all over it. But I'd be smart enough not to get caught

  • Nathan

    I know who this kid was too. Hes got nothing better to do with his time but cause others greef and hell. So typical of some people

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