Olympian High School teacher arrested on child sex charges

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CHULA VISTA, Calif. – A Chula Vista teacher was arrested on several charges of sexual misconduct with a minor, authorities said Thursday.

The Sweetwater Union High School District said San Diego police arrested the teacher at Olympian High School on Monday.

The District Attorney’s Office charged 37-year-old Loren McDonald Wednesday on five counts of lewd acts upon a child, two counts of sexual Screen Shot 2013-05-09 at 2.50.10 PMpenetration with a child 10 years or younger and one count of attempting to dissuade a witness from reporting a crime.

Manuel Rubio, spokesperson for the Sweetwater Union High School District, said the alleged acts did not involve district students and did not occur on school property. He said the District is cooperating fully with the investigation.

“The principal of the school followed all the proper protocols,” said Rubio. “Immediately notified the parents of anybody he had contact with. He had contact with a small group of students, so she was able actually to personally do that outreach.”

Other parents at the school had no idea about the arrest until Fox 5 told them Thursday. They said they believe all parents should have been notified.

“It’s shocking to me,” said Elston Dubois, parent. “I didn’t hear about it.”

Rubio said the District is working on notifying parents and that an internal letter was sent to staff.

McDonald was placed on paid administrative leave until the next school board meeting on Monday.

“In a case like this where the charges are pretty serious,” said Rubio. “The board will take action on that and will decide whether or not that continues to be a paid or an unpaid leave.”

Parent Augie Bareno said he believes the School Board should dismiss McDonald immediately.

“I’m a former school board member,” said Bareno. “You have to take action. You have to get him out of there, because not only the reputation, but the learning environment of the students. They don’t need that extra pressure and it’s not appropriate. If he is, in fact, doing those things that is a criminal matter and that’s just something we can’t tolerate.”

McDonald’s bail is set at $2 million. His next court appearance is scheduled for May 16.


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