Police kill man carrying knife in Escondido

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crime scene ESCONDIDO, Calif. – Escondido police shot and killed a knife-wielding man whom they say lunged at them with a knife.

Police got an anonymous call requesting assistance to the area south of East Washington Avenue and east of North Citrus Avenue at about 10:45 p.m., Saturday, Escondido Police Lt. Neal Griffin said.

Officers encountered a man brandishing a knife near East Washington Avenue and Trovita Court.

“Officers repeatedly ordered the man to drop the knife but he refused, Griffin said. “While attempting to persuade the man to put down the knife, he suddenly moved toward an officer and lifted the knife. Officers fired at the suspect.”

Officers immediately rendered first aid until Escondido Fire Department paramedics arrived, Griffin said.

The shooting victim was transported to Palomar Medical Center, where he later died.

The officers involved were not injured. The identity of the shooting victim is being withheld pending notification of next of kin.


  • Farnsworth

    Why not use the taser?? Our country is screwed up that we don’t use death as a last result.

    • Brad

      You ever been in that position or had to make that kind of decision? Have you had to make a life or death decision in a split second? It's never as simple as, "we'll why didn't they use a taser?" Thing is, you would never know because you've never had to face something like that, yet you feel compelled to judge these officers from the safety of your computer with little info of what was really going on. You're naive and arrogant and you're a fool.

    • Mike

      If you would read all of the information available maybe you would know that they did use a taser and it did nothing to the suspect. Inform yourself before comenting.

  • David

    That is called "meeting force with excessive force" it is illegal, and those officers should be fired, arrested, and jailed.

    • Mike

      you are for sure an idiot, the suspect did not do what he was asked to do, lot's of witneses, he was tasered and he still lunged at an officer. They defended themselves. The officers risk their lives for your safety and you still judge them. If you had the same situation what would you do ? We should thank the officers for keeping us safe. No excessive force was used. Get all the information available before you coment !!!!

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