Suspensions for ‘twerking’ video questioned

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SAN DIEGO — Two members of the San Diego Unified School District Board of Education are questioning whether school officials acted appropriately by suspending more than 30 students at Scripps Ranch High School for appearing in a suggestive dance video.

twerkingTrustee Scott Barnett issued a statement through the district Thursday that called for a closed session discussion at the board’s next regular meeting on May 14. Wednesday, Trustee Kevin Beiser also called for a review of the suspensions by the school board.

Parents and other students told local media outlets that the dancers and videographer were suspended for five days and could miss prom and might not be allowed to walk at graduation.

The video shows the students gyrating and shaking their hips in a sexually suggestive manner, a dance move known as “twerking,” while doing handstands.

The video was uploaded to YouTube, where there are dozens of other “twerking” videos, including several by celebrity Miley Cyrus.

The story on the suspensions has received national attention.

UT San Diego reported the video was made on the Scripps Ranch campus while school was in session.

“The school board has not received a briefing yet, and all I know is from media reports,” Barnett said. “As a father of two teen-aged daughters (in a different high school in San Diego Unified) I take issues of proper conduct and discipline very seriously; at the same time I need to be satisfied that the consequences of these actions are reasonable and proportionate.”

He declined to discuss specifics about individual students. The district has refused to comment on the suspensions.


  • Cindy Graham

    These students signed up a school contract at the beginning of the year, what they did is against the school rules and regulations, totally got what they deserve.

  • Guest

    I have to laugh thinking of these girls when they are in their 50s & 60s reliving their youth 'twerking'.

    We have to remember Elvis and television blocking his hip movements and the old ladies from the 70's with their mini dresses. Fads come and they go.

  • Thor

    punish the school and teachers for allowing this to happen during school hours, during class time. For using school equipment to edit and upload the video. For allowing the students be able to access YouTube on school computers. Don't punish the students when the school is at fault for allowing this to happen.

    • tonya

      That's the problem now, we don't hold kids up to be responsible for anything they do. I do think there should be an investigation on how the kids were able to do this on school property at school time. but these kids knew what they were doing and should be held to what discipline action that is appropriate and fair

      • Thor

        This reminds me of the movie Footloose. Let the kids have fun and dance. Dancing is not a crime.

  • Alan

    Is the school serious, really? You see more sex and "Sexually Suggestive" dancing on TV. I did not find the dance sexually suggestive at all. I have gone to school dances and seen, what I consider "sexually suggestive" dancing. Who made these administrators dance critics? Was anybody harmed in this video? I am sure that some people got offended, but some people always do. So, because, the administrators have the power, they decide was is decent and not? As for using the school gear to make the video, well, that could be consider some sort of violation. But suspended for 5 days, not going to prom, or walking? Really? They weren't drunk or smoking crack. As for the security guard and the police, not letting the media talk to the students, well, that violates the first amendment. The students have a right to talk to the media and express their view.

    • John

      The boy in the video is trying to be represented as a real player cause he has bunches of girls in skin tight pants shaking their a$$es for him. Seems like a pretty crappy, unintelligent, non-academic, objectifying premise for a video… Not sexual?? I'm sure all the hip hop videos they are imitating aren't attempting to be sexual either when they feature women thrusting their private parts around. Underage girls being foolish and appearing as little more than props in a video that highlights their butts and crotches is what is at issue here.

      agreed maybe the loss of prom and walking is extreme, but the school is right to condemn completely. Its sad to see young women so stupid

  • 2013worldseries

    No stinking way. If this is the worst of the worse, not allowing the kids to attend prom and walk at graduation is a bit harsh. It's not as if they were involved in hazing, bullying, or advocating drugs or alcohol. It's just one of those silly passing fads. Okay, a short suspension for using school equipment that was, Not Destroyed. Have them do some community service or perform special service toward prom or graduation for any class time lost. Other than that, let it go.

  • Myearshurt

    I had to turn up the volume to hear the reporting and that ad at the end of the video nearly blew out my windows….

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