German citizen disappears without a trace

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SAN DIEGO — San Diego Police and friends of a German citizen are still digging for clues in the man’s disappearance.

Ralf PeeksRalf Peeks vanished after he was last seen April 21st dropping off a rented vehicle at a U-Haul center on Camino Ruiz in Miramar.

“He’s an incredibly methodical guy and is very organized in everything he does.  It’s just completely unlike him to not be in communication – letting friends know where he’s at or what he’s doing,” said Eric Simon, a friend of Peeks.

The 43-year-old Peeks rode away from the U-Haul center on his black mountain bike and hasn’t been seen since.

Peeks doesn’t have a car and rides his bike everywhere, Simon said.  He would bike from his home in University City through a canyon to his job nearby where he worked as an engineer.

Peeks was scheduled to leave May 16 for an extended trip to his home country of Germany.  Investigators went to his home and say there’s no evidence he left the country.

“Nothing was missing.  His passport is lying there on the bed – his clothes were all there, suitcase.  Everything you’d need if you were planning on leaving,” said Simon.

Investigators can’t track a cell phone — Peeks didn’t have one.

And there’s reportedly been no activity with his bank account since he disappeared.


  • Babbaganushragharoni

    Psychic Babbaganushragharoni seys:

    Someone hit and ran this guy into a ditch somewhere between the Uhaul place and his home. Check all the bushes and embankments up to 40 feet from the road along all possible routes to find his corpse. I'd look myself but you people won't say where he lives (not even the closest cross street).

    Babbaganushragharoni hopes he is wrong.

    • jennyjenjen

      This is what happened to a girl in Italy, essentially, who was dating a friend of mine. She was all over the news as missing and then finally someone looked for her along the roads, and there she was… struck by a car while jogging, and the person who hit her finally came out of the woodwork and admitted to it. I hope this isn't what happened, but you are right that this should be checked.

      Also, Fox 5: "rode" is the past tense of "ride," not "road."

  • iHeartSD

    This is bizarre! What a mystery. Now I really want to find out what happened to him. I hope he's ok.

  • johndesd

    Proofread much, Fox News?

    "The 43-year-old Peeks road (rode) away from the U-Haul center on his black mountain bike."

    ""Peeks doesn’t have a car and ride (rides) his bike everywhere, Simon said."

  • Aldo Torres

    When you pull up an internet map of the area; I noticed that there appears to be an off road trail that appears to start by Miramar Village Shopping Center, near Camino Fanta Fe. The trail appears to be an off road short cut that heads towards University City. If I was a mountain biker, I would probably take that trail..Has anyone checked that trail out?

  • Ralf's friend

    The presumed route from the uhaul place to his home have been checked but there is a lot of area there and many different paths he could have taken. We (his friends/coworkers) continue to search for him.

  • LocalInSD

    Are there any organized searches planned? I saw one online report that says he's being looked for by friends but what about law enforcement, are they helping?

  • MoMo

    We can't just allow a man to suspiciously disappear and do virtually nothing as a community. When is the next search? Are there fliers that can be printed and passed out? If this were your brother, or your son, what would you do to find him? Thank you to his friends for continuing the search. I'm sure his mother appreciates your efforts! Let's ALL try to get the word out for this man. Even if it's just sharing his story on Facebook or putting up some fliers in your neighborhood!!

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