Man gets stuck in border fence

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OTAY MESA, Calif. — A suspected undocumented immigrant was rescued by San Diego firefighters Tuesday after becoming ensnared in the razor wire on top of a fence at the U.S.-Mexico border.

GUY STUCK IN BORDER FENCEBorder Patrol agents saw the man stuck in the fence just before 3:45 p.m. and quickly called the San Diego Fire Department to get the man down from his spot east of the Otay Mesa Port of     Entry. It took rescuers over an hour to finally free the man from the razor wire some 20 feet in the air before helping him down to the ground. The undocumented immigrant was evaluated by EMTs at the scene and then taken into custody.

According to the Border Patrol, this is a common occurrence, as in the past fiscal year alone, 21 people have had to be rescued while attempting to cross the border.


      • Guest

        Mark, you sure you're name isn't "Miguel" not "Mark". How much did this cost the tax payers, and not to mention taking these fireman offline for several hours to rescue a common criminal?
        I'm not saying use him as target practice, but oh well, if you're so stupid to climb a 20' wall/fence with razor wire at the top, and dozens of Border Patrol watching you, then you get what you deserve.
        I'm sick and tired of paying the way of all the +/-11 million illegal criminals in my country sponging off of my taxes.

    • TashaTchin

      Why not leave the invader for the Mexican police to remove from the fence? That way the Mexican police can charge him with the violation of at least two, count 'em, two Mexican Federal crimes — leaving Mexico without going through an open and operating port of entry/exit; leaving Mexico without the proper documents to enter the country he was leaving for. If the invader was coming to look for work, then he has committed a third offense against Mexican Federal law because he needs to have any labor contract pre-approved by the Mexican government before leaving to work in another country.

      If the Mexican police decide to leave him hanging for over 24 hours, refusing to take him into custody for violating Mexican law, then, and only then, do you shoot the invader to put him out of his misery. If Mexico City complains, tell them they had plenty if opportunity to take their criminal invader into custody for violating Mexican Federal law and they refused to do so, attempting to aid and abet the invasion of the United States in violation of treaty and international law. The US Constitution REQUIRES that we repel invaders, so we would be well within our rights to shoot the invader from Mexico if Mexico refuses to enforce their own laws and take him into custody.

    • Fred

      They should have just left him there or pushed him back over the fence.

      Instead, we get to pay for his medical bills after we pay to get him down.

  • Enough!

    Pirates of the Caribbean comes to mind after seeing this. Leave the fool there and let it be known that any trespassers will endure the same fate! How politically correct our media has become, "suspected undocumented immigrant"! Really??? This is textbook, illegal entry into the United States of America. When will this garbage end (not a question for all you laraza folks)!!!

    • Larry

      I was going to say the same thing… Vultures need to eat too, you know. Mexico does not show mercy on illegals coming into their country so why can't we do the same?

    • Enough!

      This would not have happened to me marky mark,
      I use the pedestrian bridge to enter and exit Mexico (legally). As for your comment about stinky white trash. I shower every day, and make sure of not littering like the illegals do! They are the trash, that should be taken out if entering this country illegally! Have a great day marky mark!

      • Ken

        Exactly. Marky mark is full of it.

        Just visit the Desert near the Border, or worse, try to go into any public restroom near the Border without puking. The mexicans literally through used and sh1tty TP all over the place.


  • Guest

    San Diego Fire Dept / US Border Patrol,

    Mark Jones says to send your Bills to him, he'll pay for all the costs incurred for yesterday's rescue, and ALL future ones.


    • TashaTchin

      The news tends to get things wrong all the time. An unauthorized (illegal) immigrant is actually an alien who enters the country legally with permission and inspection on a valid, but temporary, visa and overstays the time limit on the visa, becoming an unauthorized immigrant. What we have here is an INVADER who tried to sneak into the country without inspection and permission. The reason politicians (and the news outlets who cover them) refuse to use the correct term is because words have meanings and actions have consequences (plus, The Race, aka, La Raza, will call the cowards: racists). In this case, the politicians (and the media) refuse to use the word "invader" (which is race neutral) because the Constitution requires that invaders be repelled (not rewarded with pathways to citizenship through amnesty).

  • AntiLiberal

    I love the idea of just leaving it there to rot and as a warning to other ILLEGAL ALIENS. And to all the enablers of this activity: IF YOU WANT THEM HERE SO BAD THEN YOU CAN PAY FOR THEM!!!

  • pokey5735

    "Undocumented immigrant"? Really? NO, he is an illegal alien! And he is caught in the razor wire so I don't think he was just a "suspected" illegal.

  • LegalCitizen

    I believe there is a legal point of entry not too far from this location. Wonder if he didn't have an ulterior reason to enter the country here. Mark Jones must not have liked the idea of Mark Jones paying the costs for this one. Well… anyway… just an undocumented new democrat voter that is at least documented on the news.

  • David

    How in hell can a person climbing a razor fence be called an immigrant? Our press has deteriorated to the point of insanity!

  • Gord

    It looks like that's the fence that works, it's time to build it the entire length of the border, Both Mexico and Canada borders should be the presidents priority but his only solution. Blame republicans

  • DavePretty

    For those screaming, “Leave him up there”, shame on you.

    Yes he was breaking the law.
    Yes he was an undocumented immigrant (illegal alien if you prefer)
    Yes it was his fault he was up there

    But what you’re overlooking is the fact he was suffering human being that needed help.

    If it cost me a couple bucks out of my paycheck, so be it. I’m proud that our emergency staff was able to save a life that day.

    • TashaTchin

      Maybe you should check and see what Jesus would say about those who don't enter by the door, but sneak in some other way. (John 10:1) Besides, if we left him dangling, the Mexican police could have just as easily taken him down and into custody for violating at least two Mexican Federal laws. Let him do some time in a Mexican jail where he belongs and on Mexico's peso.

    • Chris Helding

      youre fighting a lossing battle Dave, its the same 10 idiots that wait for any story with the word immigrant, mexico, or border to share their racist views.

  • FritzTheCat

    This is hopeful news, perhaps we can lay down a 1/2 mile strip of sticky paper along the Mexican border and come by everyday to pick the illegals up sort of like fly paper. I'm not sure of the adhesive we could use, however I think the big guys like 3M if given a proper incentive could quickly develop an effective non toxic substance. Maybe the sticky paper could be torn off like fly paper with multiple layers underneath so we could easily and affordably prepare ourselves for the next days events. Just saying.

  • shell

    I think the fence should be brought down so the "suspected undocumented immigrants" can enter more easily. I would hate for them to be hurt.

  • Daniel

    The media has become so PC. "Suspected undocumented immigrant"? Jesus, who farted? The news refuses to describe anyone so they don't hurt someone's feelings. They just used different words for the same meaning. Call the man for what he is: an illegal alien. A day-crosser! If we enter their land, we could be shot. What do we do? We help him down, apply first aid and tell them to "scurry along and have a great day!"

  • Brandon

    So I heard Bronco Bamma spent billions to beef up border security. Seems like the razor sharp fence is working properly.

  • JoseCuervo

    Hep! Hep! Me stucko in da fenco! Git me da heel oudda heer! An breen me a taco, an a white woaman!

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