Pedestrian killed trying to cross South Bay freeway

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Body on Interstate 805NATIONAL CITY — Three lanes of northbound Interstate 805 were closed Thursday morning after an SUV hit and killed a pedestrian on the freeway, authorities said.

The accident happened shortly before 9:30 a.m.

Helicopter video showed a body covered with tarps in the center lane. A white SUV was stopped in the lane several car lengths down the freeway. Several California Highway Patrol cars and a van from the San Diego County Medical Examiner’s Office were parked in the left three lanes as investigators gathered evidence.

Investigators said a man who appeared to be homeless was crossing the northbound lanes of the freeway when the SUV hit him. The driver, a woman in her 40s, told investigators that she wasn’t able to stop before hitting the man.

Cars backed up south to Bonita Road as traffic squeezed by the accident scene. Officials reopened all traffic lanes at about 11:30 a.m.


  • Dave

    This happened to me as a driver. My heart goes out to her for being in the wrong place. It's not your fault

  • Please Identify

    Are there any details as to who the victim may be? I know sometimes homeless don't carry I.D.s but couldn't they say how tall or an age range, maybe a weight range. I hope there is not a lack of details just because they believe the man to be homeless. I feel if this man did not appear homeless, we would of got more details about who he was. Some people have family on the streets and the news may be the only way for them to hear that a loved one has died.

  • Leticia

    Resst in peace, whoever was the guy….and the lady needs a lot of strong to understand what happend..but GOD is going to be with her

  • Barnet Clean

    Why, just why are people trying to throw themselves in front of cars. Even a sprinter might find it hard to cross a freeway. I watched a video of two ladies jumping on the freeway on purpose.

  • Brandon

    This was suicide. I'm not that far from where the accident happened, and if they really were trying to cross the freeway, they couldve literally walked under the bridge (Plaza Blvd) but they chose to cross the freeway instead?

  • Debbie Emery-Flores

    I was there and witnessed this man's death this morning. It was the most horrible thing I've ever seen. I am praying for him and any who loved him.

  • Phil Conners

    Maybe he had been living today over and over and over again a la bill Murray in Groundhog Day. Hopefully, he wakes up tomorrow morning and it is April 25 again. Next time he should choose a more private exit. Or become a good person and find true love. That's how he ended the cycle in the movie.

  • 8==D ( . Y . )

    I once almost hit a homeless, crack head bitch on 94 east freeway the bitch came out of no where. What kind od dumbass crosses a freeway???

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