Court battle over seals at Children’s Pool may be over

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Maybe it’s premature to say so, but there are indications that the two-decade court battle over seals lounging on a beach in La Jolla may be finished.

A San Diego Superior Court judge this week refused to order the city to shorten the rope barrier that protects the marine mammals at the Children’s Pool beach from being harassed.

Children's PoolJudge Joel Pressman also refused to overturn an order by Mayor Bob Filner that the beach be closed to the public at night.

Pressman ruled that the state Legislature in 2009, by giving the City Council the right to declare the area a marine mammal habitat park, ended the dispute about whether the presence of the seals violates the original tidelands grant that gave priority to children for the use of the beach and tranquil water.

Also this week, yet another lawsuit filed by someone who feels the city has been too pro-seal was voluntarily withdrawn before trial.

“It’s time for the lawyers to give the seals — and the courts — a breather,” said City Atty. Jan Goldsmith.


—— Story by Los Angeles Times reporter Tony Perry


  • Brentosimine

    Just waiting for the sharks to infest the area now and kill tourism as nobody will feel safe at the beach. Then we'll see a backlash against the "pro-seal" crap. Either that or we'll become "anti-shark" and hunt them by the dozens to the surprise and horror of the animal rights crowd.

  • Jim

    When seals pay the taxes I do, then they can lay on the beach that I currently pay for. It sucks that I pay taxes for a children's pool, that is no so laced with seal feces that it is horrible to even visit.

    Guess where the seals would go if you kicked them out……. SOMEPLACE ELSE.

  • angie

    The seals have been there for how long now and there hasn't been an increase in shark activity… Let the animals be and enjoy them in their natural habitat like every other normal person does that goes to visit that spot.

  • katie

    the animals had this land before we did. We drove them out for own luxury. I believe they should be giving that beach. We are they only ones who can speak for them now.

  • Mark Holdgrafer

    All right then, let’s restore that entire cove to what it was before the sea wall was built. They may then enjoy the “natural habitat” the way it was originally, you know, when there was no protected area for the children or the children there.

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