Bicyclist killed in Carlsbad

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CARLSBAD, Calif. – A bicyclist was struck and killed by a vehicle while riding in Carlsbad, police said.

Bicycle AccidentThe bicyclist was struck by a northbound vehicle while headed north in the bike lane on El Camino Real north of La Costa with a fellow rider, according to the Carlsbad Police Department. Several people called 911 at about 7:40 a.m. to report the crash.

The bicyclist who was struck sustained a head injury and died at the scene, police said.

The bicyclist’s name was withheld pending family notification.

The Carlsbad Police Traffic Division has opened an investigation into the fatal crash.

Carlsbad police said the driver had not been cited or arrested, but the crash remained under investigation.


  • guest

    Sad… '…headed north in the bike lane on El Camino Real north of La Costa with a fellow rider,”

    were THEY RIDING SIDE BY SIDE? as MANY of they DO? you go outside that solid white line, youre asking for trouble…same if a car goes inside that white line…not good.

    single file dudes/dudettes. you know thats the law..follow it.

    • nameless37

      The bike lane on El Camino Real north of La Costa is extra narrow, barely wide enough for one rider (let alone two), and it is drawn between two traffic lanes.
      There's a good chance that the cyclist was killed by a car that was changing lanes across the bike lane.

      • guest

        I believe this happened further north past Arenal near the fire station. I saw police taking photos there a few hours ago. There is a wider bike lane and no sidewalk.

      • Sumi

        Double pace is legal.
        That road is so large with large lanes and is perfectly straight. It is 3 lanes wide in each direction.
        At 730 am on Sunday morning there is very little traffic.
        The person was hit by an average size car.
        Even if the rider went out of the bike lane because there was glass or other debris, the car had 3 lane options. If you have been properly trained to drive, you would have seen the riders and been in the middle or left lanes in case of such a swerve by the cyclist.
        Aim high
        Get the big picture
        Keep your eyes moving
        Leave yourself an out
        Make sure they see you
        Don’t just assume its the cyclist’s fault.
        Since he was hit from behind, the car driver had far more ability to see and prevent this sort of accident.

    • Guest

      Good advice about riding single file. I just got back from a ride down the coast. I see so many cyclists put themselves in danger including some of my riding partners by riding side by side. If you want to have a conversation pull over or wait until you are sure there are no cars around. I am curious about the details of this incident, not many cars out that early on Sunday, please share the road ! You are not going to be late by taking 10 seconds to slow down and veer away from a cyclist when passing.

      • nameless37

        There is no law requiring to ride single file, and it is legal to take a lane of traffic, *IF* there is no bike lane. If there is a bike lane on the road, cyclists are required to ride there, unless overtaking, turning, or there is debris or other hazardous conditions in the bike lane. CVC 21208.

    • Guest

      Driver of the vehicle hit the biker from behind because he fell asleep at the wheel. Tragic for everyone involved.

    • Mars

      I would like to add that this is a very bad section of El Camino Real and La Costa. Before you Mr. Guest comment on this story, get your fact right. The section where the accident happened was on the North Side of La Costa next to the Starbucks where the road and bike lane meet. I ride there a lot and have come very close of getting hit by cars that just don't share the road. Go check it out for yourself. The City of Carlsbad needs to make it a Full Bike Line with freshly painted lines to add a few signs to warn the drivers. Over All Sad News.


    Lines or no lines today is a sad day for all involved. I wrk at La Costa Resort & some Co-Workers had to console others because they saw the scene as they came to work. Please everyone never leave home w a chip on on your shoulder let things go because you Honestly Never Know what each seconds will bring you. All my prayers to everyone.

  • Julie

    "were THEY RIDING SIDE BY SIDE? as MANY of they DO? you go outside that solid white line, youre asking for trouble…same if a car goes inside that white line…not good"

    Did you REALLY just say that without knowing any of the facts? And does it matter? Someone lost their life today.

  • Pablo

    i passed the scene @9:30am…. bad gut feelings all day as a few of my friends ride that kind of bike… The error was the fault of the driver 100%… there is NOBODY on that road @7-8am on Sunday Morning… Side by side or not… the driver was distracted by his phone coffee or bagel…

  • Ann

    Wait until you have the misfortune of accidently hitting a cyclist or pedestrian. All people on the road need to take more precautions for their own lives when they are sharing the road. By that I mean the cyclist and pedestrian are the ones who are going to lose in a collision with a car, so they should not be riding or walking in areas that are too narrow, where they can not be seen clearly, where it is not well lit at night, etc. and if they choose to do so, they should always make eye contact with the driver or take extra care to not be in the path of an oncoming car. Don't be so quick to judge the driver as 100% at fault. I'm sure he or she is devastated and will never get over this sad and traumatic event . Have some compassion for both parties. It's horrible when it happens to you and is something can happen to anyone. Even you.

  • Guest

    The driver of the vehicle fell asleep at the wheel and hit the biker. Single file or not, it's a tragedy.

  • Matt

    This is a murder, just the same as if the driver had pulled out a gun and put a bullet through the guy's head. This crime should be prosecuted and punished in exactly the same way as other homicides.

  • leisure cyclist

    I cycled by the scene after help arrived. The bike lane is very wide there with plenty of car lanes and low traffic at this time of day/morning. The car that struck the rider was about a quarter mile past the scene with no car skid marks in sight. We suspect the driver was speeding and swerved into the bike lane because he wasn't paying attention to his driving (busy texting, etc…). Drivers need to pay better attention to the road these days especially with the addition of smart phones to distract us it only takes a moment to swerve a couple of feet into another car, cyclist, etc…

  • ConcernedNorCal

    Can Fox or any other local station please report further on this matter. I fear it's going to get "brushed under the rug" like many other accidents of this type because people dont want to respect cyclists. PLEASE news media… the community a service by following through on this story!

  • Jeff

    Rather than assume the cyclist was at fault for riding in the bike lane, I would assume the driver was at fault for texting, talking on the phone, drinking coffee, fixing their hair, getting their kid in the back seat dressed for school, getting drunk, or reading. People just don't take driving seriously. I have been struck from behind while biking at the side of the road, too.

  • Guest

    I went south to Home Depot at 7:35, then back north at 8:00. In that time the accident had happened, the cyclist was on the side of the road covered in a sheet, broken bike nearby. The driver was in his car, inconsolable and windshield smashed. The officer at his window was wiping his own face. I was in tears when I got back home. So tragic. Bad things can happen so quickly. Pray for all involved.

  • Rhash

    Maybe the driver was texting and had her eye off the road. Anyway I was always taught to ride against traffic. This way you can see if someone is coming at you!

    • Kirth

      " … always taught to ride against traffic … "

      VERY BAD idea … very unsafe … violates basic bike safety.

  • Manny

    The rider who was killed was a business associate and also a friend of mine. I'm so sad for his family and for him. Hopefully the investigation will yield some answers.

    • Kim C

      Manny, so very sorry to hear that you knew the rider!! I drove by just minutes after this happened and just felt awful. I too hope there will be a full investigation and if the driver was at fault they pay for what they did!

  • shelly

    The man on the bike was a father of two. His son is in 1st grade and his daughter goes to my daughter’s preschool. The driver of the car was a nurse who was coming back from a long shift at the hospital and apparently fell asleep at the wheel. A tragedy. So very sad for his wife and his two children. And sad for the driver who must feel terrible.

  • Guest

    Put anger and judgement aside. Children have lost their dad. A wife has lost her husband. The community lost a good man. The driver of the car has all that on her shoulders.
    Anyone who drives a car has to admit to at least one moment of distraction or sleepiness. None can judge her. However, all can pray and be an encouragement to others. Let's do that.

    • Manny

      Well stated and well said. There is more than enough sadness and grief to go around here. My heart is so sad and I know many others are hurting as well. Eric was a business associate and a friend.

  • Scott

    Just holding hands and singing kumbaya won't change the fact that the nurse killed a man because she was careless. I'm sure she feels bad. But the three fatherless children feel much worse.

    It may not be our place to judge – but she MUST be judged by our legal system. There have to be consequences to carelessly slaughtering cyclists, if we ever want it to stop.

    • ELO2690

      Scott — lighten up. It takes a lot of courage for a driver to admit their fault. In this case however tragic it is a genuine accident. Like I said, tragic as it is. Maybe if one is working a late shift they should consider a small cup of coffee or a 1/2 cup of black tea to keep them alert so accidents are avoided.

      • Guest

        Accidents are just that. Accidents.
        They happen to all of us- some worse than others.
        It is why we carry insurance.
        No one committed a crime here.
        No one is guilt free in this world when it comes to being momentarily distracted while driving, whether it be, glancing at the radio control, trying to console a crying child, or reaching for our water bottle. This woman was exhausted and probably shouldn't have been driving, but who can say they have never driven when they are tired? We make mistakes- and mistakes sometimes cause accidents.
        Lets not scream murder and punishment at someone who already has to go through life with this tragedy on her shoulders. I am praying for her and for the family of the cyclist.

        This man lost his life in an accident. His wife and children, all of us are grieving, including the driver. She will never recover from this tragedy.

        • Felicia

          A nurse who just worked a night shift probably saved lives that night and she/he will probably save many more in their career. This was a tragic accident. So sad for all parties. Lets allow the investigation to take its course.

          • leisure cyclist

            The nurse was actually a young male. We bicycled right by him while he sat behind the wheel of his broken car. Again, we don't know all the facts. I do know that that section of road is one of the safest to cycle with traffic at that time of morning on a Sunday. Visibility was not an issue either at that time. I have to question a nurse working a night shift should not be falling a sleep behind the wheel. I would think nurses are more responsible than the average "non-people helper" types to not work so hard where they are too tired to drive. Wrong assumption? Perhaps. Bottom line, its a tragic accident.

  • shaun w

    Part of punishment is to act as a deterrent to others. Do we ever hear of a drivers in this country getting serious jail time for killing cyclists and pedestrians? .. no, which is why drivers don't think much about it. I'd like to see jail time, AND a set of PSA's featuring monthly jail-interviews with her.

  • leisure cyclist

    To get a drivers license today we just have to learn how to drive a car, obey traffic laws, and pass the written test. In reality, a car wins just about every time when it goes against a motorcycle, bicycle, or pedestrian. I think there should be a separate "driver awareness and safety" test in addition to what we have in place today to maintain a license. Cars are "kings of the road" compared to bicycles and there are many drivers that are not aware of safety and rights that motorcyclists and bicyclists need and have.

    • leisure cyclist

      Agree. To "drive responsibly" does not mean trying to drive home while working a late night shift and sleepy behind the wheel.

  • Carlsbad Cyclist

    Inexcusable. As some "touchy-feely" folks have posted to have compassion for the driver, not a chance. If we start prosecuting these cases and advertise far and wide the consequences of such an event, maybe drivers will think about it a bit more. This has happened with the campaigns about drunk driving over the last few decades, and it should be just as big of a public safety campaign and inattentive driving. It needs to be treated as a negligent homicide, just as a drunk driver that kills innocent people.

    • leisure cyclist

      Agree. To "drive responsibly" does not mean trying to drive home while working a late night shift and sleepy behind the wheel.

    • leisure cyclist

      I like the fact that we can comment w/o Facebook. Gives folks with privacy the opportunity to comment.

  • Permalink

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  • The Dude

    Had the driver turned at the following intersection and headed into the homes and a kid had been out doing what ever and been run over, would it still be OK for the driver to get away with it? Or will people only get serious if its their family member who gets run over?

    Its either all or none.

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